Friday, December 11, 2009


Is it possible for a pair of twins to have age differently? One is 20 and the other is 10 years old?

First thought that I have is, bull crap. How is that possible?? Think about it.. It is actually possible, according to Einstein theory of relativity.

This concept and idea really excite me. I wanted to know how it is possible that such a thing can happen? Being the curious person I am, I decided to read up on this. Last week, I spent one whole night reading up on this theory .. Think I spent about 5 hours but I understood naught.


I like to ask questions since I know how to talk and I ask a lot of weird things. My parents and grandma used to get frustrated with all the questions I asked. Like how the sun works and why the moon is shiny when there is no fire on it.. Things like that.

Soon, my parents and grandma gave up on me because I asked too much and they couldn't answer me anymore. I had to do my own research. After I have done my research, I will tell my parents, "Do you know that ....."

The latest one I told them was... "Do you know that we are all fishes?" LOL.... I saw a book today about this theory in Kinokuniya... Tempted to buy...

~~~~End of Digression~~~~~~

Apparently, according to Einstein's Relativity theory, 2 person who were borned on the same day CAN... I repeat.. CAN have different age!

Let me describe the scenario.

A pair of twins were separated at birth. One was put stationar on earth and the other was put into a rocket which traveled at the speed of light. 20 years later, the twin in the rocket came back to earth and went to find her other twin. We would expect both to be 20 years old right? Wrong. Apparently, the one in the rocket is only 10 years old, while the one on Earth is already 20 years old. The difference is really little... and is only so dramatic if you travel at the speed of light.

It's a really weird thing. I don't get it. I read a lot of articles on it but I still can't imagine the logic behind this.

Does this means that the saying of 天上十天,人间十年 really exist? I thought this only exists in TV programs. You may search on the internet about this idea under 'Twin Paradox'. There are many articles on it.

To understand more about this theory, I have since stared reading about it.

Books I bought and borrowed form the library. The dreaded thing is my maths sucks. So sometimes I don't understand the formulas inside the book. Nonetheless, it is an intriguing idea that I wanna share with you.

Do you know any beginner's book about relativity that is good? You can intro me!

I also borrowed this following book from the library and I think it's good.. It's not relativity. It's about evolution. Remember that we are all fishes? lol....

There are pictures and diagrams in it to help you understand the theory.

There are so many interesting on earth that I can never finish reading and understanding about!


Kongming said...

tot its heaven 1 yr, earth 1 yr?
nvm.. e equation is e same..

anyway i believe this theory is true. else we wont b saying it for so many donkey years.

n i still believe that we are made of mad :P

Anonymous said...

yeap the twins paradox is an interesting thought experiment, theoretically time travel may also be possible if we can travel at the speed of light, but it is not possible to travel at the speed of light, not currently anyway, not even in the near future or our anywhere in our lifetime.