Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Storm Warriors

Finally, the Storm Warriors is coming on screen on 10 DECEMBER~ Everyone please don't miss this movie ok. It's going to be very nice I believe and some more there is my beloved Ekin. He is just so damn cool in the show lor. I can't believe his coolness~!

You don't believe his coolnes you can see the video below! I love his costumes, his hair, his sword, everything! If I am a xiao sheng (male roles), I will make a costume the same as the one Ekin wear lor! Then I will find a chance to wear it in my performance! HAhahaa.. I am so mad right? I cant believe my own madness also lor. And then I can also style my hair like Ekin in the movie... He is just so unbelievably cool.

Please please, everyone has to see this movie. I must admit that besides my beloved Ekin, Aaron kwok is also cool lah. He is cool in his own way but I prefer Ekin lor... Wah liao.. but I think even if I do xiao sheng I won't be half as cool as Ekin leh... My god.... This is so crazy I feel like screaming.

Ekin is my inspiration!


Anonymous said...


"...I love his costumes, his hair, his sword, everything!..."

wow, you are such a die hard fans, haha.

You don't need to be a sheng to play him. You can do cosplay. I wonder if anyone will do cosplay of character in Storm Warriors.

Miko said...

lol. u are right!!! I didn't thought of that but you are so right. I can do cosplay. I have never seen anyone dressed as hk comic characters before.

I dunno if there are any cosplay conventions here...

Anonymous said...


I am sure that are lots of cosplay activities in Singapore. Convention I think mostly at summer (I dunno about Singapore)?

And there are some local cosplay meetings. Perhaps there's a Singapore cosplay forum, and this is how people find out about cosplay meetings etc. At least that's how is it in my city.