Friday, November 27, 2009

We were fishes

Or you can say, we are the descendants of fishes.....

Hard to imagine right? Now that we don't have gills or fins or scales. But that's the truth! We were all descended from fishes. LOL.
All life came from the ocean. It started off when Earth was just formed and is still full of poisonous gases. There isn't anything on land yet, not even a blade of grass. Slowly, the microbes in the ocean developed into sea creatures, then into fishes.. into amphibians and took over the land. Since all life is from the ocean, we can assume that our ultimate ancestors are fishes.

I told my mother that we were all fishes and she asked me.. I tot humans came from monkeys.

That is true but where do the monkeys come from? They have to be from somewhere also right? All living things come from the sea so monkeys' ancestors are from the sea too! LOL. Funny right...

Here is a graph I got from Wiki.

It all depends on if you believe in Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection or not. I believe in it and hence I believe my ancestor is a fish. Next time when you eat a fish, think about your ancestor.

If you want to see the full information on the origin of living things, please see this wiki link:


Kongming said...

女娲 began creating men from yellow clay. i am made of clay :P

Miko said...

..... diao... ok .. u can live in ur fantasy

i am not a sith lord said...

ok, 女娲 forms Adam from he dust of the ground (if u insist on clay it's the same thing) n puts him in the garden of eden.

Adam was renamed 黃帝 when he broke the rules n fell to earth.

during the Great Flood, 大禹 made a ark n he called it noah's ark cos his cat's name was noah, with the ark he saved all the creatures on earth, except the dinosaurs not becos they were too big to fit in the ark but becos they ate too much. there was simply not enough room in the ark to fit all the food these silly creatures would eat.

this made 伏羲 very angry becos he made the dinosaurs from clay, so he cursed 大禹's decedents, which resulted in the maximum human lifespan diminishing rapidly thereafter to less then 150 even though he allowed 大禹 to live up to 950 years old due to his contributions for building a silly boat.

Miko said...

LOL, that's a good one!

Kongming said...

the Great Flood is caused by the fight between 共工 and 祝融. then knocked down 不周山 which caused the flood

Anonymous said...

the flood was designed to cleanse the corruption in humans, it was a commendable effort, but unfortunately, the power of the ring could not be undone n the hearts of men are easily corrupted.

& as legend has it, from the heavens, Zeus threw down 2 tablets of commandments to Moses on Mount Olympus, who in turn inscribed it on the wall of a barn in animal farm, the commandments were said to be divinely binding to all creatures 女娲 had created which supposedly was to bring abt some order to earth.

but, 事与愿违, 元始天尊's magical weapon named [Russell's teapot] accidently banged into the wall of which the commandments were inscribed, destroying most of it's contents.

what was left remains a mystery.