Sunday, October 18, 2009

Naiba Bday

Actually, Naiba birthday is in August but I didnt blog about it because I was lost in the sea of photos in my handphone. Now that I regain conciousness, I can see that I have not blogged about his birthday event. It's memorable because it was the first time that I celebrated his birthday with him.

The usual people attended. QY, Tian, YH, Peter, Nancy and of course Me la~ We gathered at the Punggol Park, our old hangout.

Naiba was very funny. He insisted to buy fruit cake cuz he love fruit cakes. So we went around Hougang area to find his fruit cake. Most shops don't have, weird. I thought fruit cakes are pretty common. Coincidentally, he found the cake at the same shop that he bought his bday cake last year.

The legendary fruit cake.
Old friends. Look at poor Nancy. She looked so pale!!
We are not going to reveal how old is Naiba so there is only 1 candle here. But since he is my godfather, he insisted that he got the ability to give birth to me with his age. -_-

That day I gave a xiao sheng guan to Naiba as a birthday gift. He was very happy! I know that he is also crazy for all those opera stuff and since he helped me alot, I should give him something. LOL.
Oh ya, recently I asked him to lend me a costume and he agreed! I am so happy lor cuz I will have a nice xiaosheng costume to wear for the next show le~

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