Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ah Scrump

Howdy ho!

I met up with my pri sch friend Miss PJ Lim last week. We initially wanted to go cycling but lao tian ye doesn't want to make beauty so bo bianz! We went walk walk eat eat... Talk talk... sing sing...

KTV time... Very long never go KTV liao so I was very happy to finally go one!

Kbox was in a happy mood and the ktv room was decorated with balloons...

Actually the female lead of this entry is not me... It's AH SCRUMP. You can call her scrumpy but I think Ah scrump is cute. Ah scrump has been acquired by me last week. She costed me a bomb but I really love her alot. Don't be mistaken! I still love Da mung and Mung mung... Ah scrump is just an addition and she is not even my daughter.

She was made the guardian of the yellow car. As the guardian of the yellow car, her main duty is to prevent the police from giving 'summon' aka fine ticket to the yellow car. I told her that if police come, she must jump up and distract the police, then he will be too distracted to give fine tickets. Also, she has to ensure that KL, doesn't speed and don't fall asleep while driving. If KL is going to fall asleep, she is supposed to scream... and talk nonsense to wake him up.

Ah scrump is a very important guardian of the yellow car.

Miss Scrump.
She is too short to reach the muffin. I think she need a baby chair but the waitress didn't think Ah scrump needs one. So I propped her up with a cushion instead.

There, much better. Now she can eat the muffin properly.

My friend, PJ, chatted with Ah Scrump over dinner. Looks like they are having a good time.... Apparently, PJ like to take photos of Scrump too. She thinks that scrump is cuuutee...

A very sumptuous meal for her. It was Scrump's first meal since she has an owner.

Wow... she got good appetite!

After dinner, Ah scrump enjoy a little kiddy ride. LOL. I didn't put any money in because it's too expensive. It used to be only 20 cents when I was a kid and now it's $1.

Ah scrump enjoyed KTV too. She can sing very well even though her mouth are sewn up together. Please don't ask me how she can sing with her lips sewn. Only she knows the answer.

Now, Scrump is back to the yellow car to be its guardian. She must put on the seat belt as you see because sometimes KL will zam brake.. I don't want Scrump to fly out the window.

That's all for Scrump!

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