Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ah Gu

Finally, the cow baby has arrived into this cruel and heartless world. Yes, her name is Ah Gu (Cow) because she is borned in the year of cow. Thus I nicknamed her Ah Gu aka Xiao Niu. LOL. The mother thinks that the nickname is awful but ... its ok I think because the baby's father is a 忘恩负义 man. Hopefully his daughter will not turn out to be as 忘恩负义 as her father.

Talk about the father makes me very angry so I think I dont talk about him better. Grrr.r.r..


Ok. phew, that was good. LOL...

May Teng, after giving birth feels that she is too ugly to appear on my blog. I allowed her to cover her face like this.

The baby that is not even 1 day old yet! She is Ah Gu. Everyone says that she looks like a boy. Well, she is destined to do xiao sheng which her mother did not manage to do.

May Teng said that Ah Gu looks like her father, that ungrateful man. Too bad then. Her father is an ungrateful man. Cannot make it one...

May decided to call her daughter Maybelline. Yes de, that cosmetic brand. I think the name is dumb la. Next time in school her friends will give her nicknames like Loreal or ZA. May likes the name Maybelline cuz the shortform will be May, which is same name as her. Abit lame lor the reason.

Now, the ungrateful man is in Singapore so we cannot go see May and her ungrateful baby yet but I will blog more when I visit her again.

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