Sunday, October 25, 2009

China - De Hua

德化 (DeHua) is a town located on a mountain. We spent like 3 days there. Need less to say, the air there was very fresh and the weather was cool, unlike in An Hai.

On the second day in Dehua, we were offered a trip up to their beautiful waterfall on the mountain top. I was very excited about it as I like to see nature stuff. So I didn't hesitate to join. Some tired members didn't want to go will stay in the hotel.

Our coach drive is a god. He drove up the rocky and treacherous mountain road all the way up the mountain. There was no barrier between the mountain road and the cliff. A few times, the coach rocked so much that I thought we were going to flip over. Or sometimes we will be so so so close to the edge that I thought we will drop down...

Ponyo was so frightened with the ride that she sometimes clutched my arm tight.

Phew, fortunately, we reached our destination safely.

This is Shi Niu Shan, Stone Ox Mountain.

You can see a stone ox on top.

We decided to walk up the mountain instead of taking the golf car because we wanted 1) exercise and 2) see the sceneries.... The walk didn't disappoint us!

Sitting on the stone in this little creek, I washed my feet. The water was super super cold...

I was told that the water is super cold because it is actually melted ice from the top of the mountain.

Then we came across this tyre bridge.. :) It was fun! Ponyo the timid one opted to cross using the stepping stones instead..

We walked for like 30 minutes before reaching the mountain top but as we all found out, it was the dry season so the waterfall has dried up to a trickle.

Fa Zhu Shen Li... is the name of this area. We had fun here washing feet again... :)

This is ponyo new hairstyle. Gone is the mushroom head.

There were also some vendors selling herbs and finger food.
Me and Ponyo... Yes de, we got the same fan and we bought it together in Daiso...

I like this little bridge. Very suitable to shoot period dramas here right.
Some more got this bamboo field, it reminded me of the movie 十面埋伏.

When we left the nature park, the sun was already setting... We were very worried because the god-like driver is going to drive our coach down the treacherous mountain again! I was quite worried because lighting is not good in this rural. Fortunately, our very skillful driver sent us safely back to our hotel.


littlebird said...

I have that fan in plain white, also brought from Daiso :) Your gold fan is nice and catchy, it'll be nice if you can dance with this fan.

You have good balance, i don't think i can wear flip flop to semi-forest scene. I'll probably drop my shoe into the river,lol

Perhaps some tv/movie crew did take shoot in that scene before.

Miko said...

yo~ LOL, in Daiso, they sell many types of pretty fans. I love it~ I have never tried dancing with one tho... :P

I am a trained flip flop user. I think I can go basically anywhere in them!!