Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy gathering

My gatherings with my poly friends have always been crazy. We seldom have a normal gathering because everytime we gather, there are bound to be some abnormal thing that happened.

My friend happened to stay very near to my new home at Serangoon North and I am so happy because I can save money by walking to his place. Hee hee. Bobian, a jobless person like me must save money mah....

I am the first to arrive.. Cuz I stay the nearest.

Our friendly host, Junhua, cooked up lunch for us. Oh yah... he and his fiancee also.. :) He got engaged! I can't believe it sometimes that so many people around me are getting married. Marriage has always been a very far away thing for me. I can't imagine myself as someone's wife and have to take care of the family lor. Anyway I don't believe in marriages. If you not going to have a baby then dont get married. No point.

Do you remember my crappy friend lock? Very long never blog him liao cuz he is no longer my colleague.

This was a box of bao zi but the bao zis were gone and this is now and empty box. Our very ingenious friend here decided to use this box to catch a bug. ... Imagine... Opening and closing the box like a clam trying to trap the bug inside. How mad is that.

Surprisingly, he managed to catch the bug in this bao zi box. Amazing is the word.

Kind hearted Lock decided to free the bug so he went to the balcony and opened up the box. Unfortunately, the stunned bug stayed on the box.. refusing to fly off. I think the bug too stunned by the sudden capture. Lock gave up and left the box outside the balcony which he forgot to throw away later on.

If Junhua is reading this, please note that there is a baozi box outside ur balcony.

Jun hua didn't think that we will stay for dinner because we are always busy people so he didn't prepare dinner for us. But as we are spontaneous people, we decided to just use our limited cooking skills to cook up something. Yes, we are very adventurous and we are not afraid of food poisiong.

Sorry for messing up jun hua's kitchen, we finally made this dinner.

Sumptuous or not? Jealous right? hahaha... We looked like teenagers messing up the kitchen trying to cook lor.. and sometimes we even got small arguement like what things to add and how to cook... Ultimately, we succeeded and the meal was good! I mean, all the dishes tasted great despite our lack of cooking experience.

Here are the participants of the cooking experience. Erm.. except for Lock really because he was watching Anime.... But he helped out in other stuff like .... bringing out food and cleaning plates. It was great fun~ James, if you are seeing this, you should have came! Next time must join sia! And also, you were killed 2 times in Cluedo.... Both times in the living room , I dunno why you always kana killed in living room...


littlebird said...

Looking at those food, i guess your stomach is healed and not ached anymore?

Miko said...

lol... yah my stomach is better now... still pain sometimes but not like before.

Anonymous said...

i wasted $0.72 per sms to reply lock... all the way from Selangor Malaysia!


Miko said...

hhaha... we were talking about u ma... next time gathering u must come then we wont sms u!