Sunday, October 25, 2009

YH's Blog

We were talking about blogging the other day and I commented that YH's blog is VERY dead lor. She told me that she has no mood to blog. Apparently, nowadays many people dun have mood to blog. Amai also no mood to blog.

Then YH told me that she is going to reopen her blog very soon. Very soon but dunno when. In fact YH has already stopped reading blogs altogether so she doesn't know what we are blogging about her. Hahahaa... When her blog is alive, I will announce it.

Another thing, I have been jobless for like 4 months le leh! Can you believe it? Time flies... especially times when you are happily playing. However, I think it's time to get a job lah but now very hard cuz it's bonus time. Nobody wants to switch job at this time of the year lor. I think it will be easier to look for a job in January. However, I still keep a look out now.

As I am jobless, I dont plan to go overseas. Unfortunately, I promised to bring my bro to HK and he has been looking forward to it. I mentioned to him that maybe we shouldn't go and he was upset. So bobian lor, I will be going HK the second time this year with my bro to see Ekin's concert.

Ekin is coming to Singapore again in November to promote the Stormriders movie! So exciting right? I am going to take more photos when he comes again...


littlebird said...

So you mean: you going to HK or not going to HK?

wow, nice that Ekin go to Singapore again. Remember those photos you and your brother took with him. May be you can pick one to develope it, then when you see Ekin again, you can ask him to ask autograph!!!

Ask him to write: "To Miko" "From..."

That'll be very memorable photo :)

Miko said...

YEs, I am still going but I haven bought the tickets yet....

You got a good idea there! I have seen him many times but I have never requested him to write my name before.. :)