Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eat Table

Not so long ago, I went to eat table (Dinner) with my 2 cousins and aunty at Toa Payoh. I seldom go to such dinners because I don't have lobang and I don't join any temple's membership. This dinner was full of surprises for me that I never imagined would happen.

Alot of people who attended the dinner were really there for only the food. Not to chat with friends, not to bid for things, not to know more friends, just plain eating.

There were a few funny scenarios that happened in a temple dinner.....

Scenerio 1 -:

The tissue distributor

There is this old man, I shall call him Uncle A, who distributed packets of tissue paper to those people whom he like enough. I realised that he did not give tissue paper to just anybody.

My cousin told me that this tissue distributor once passed his phone number to her! LOL, the tissue distributor is an old uncle lor. My god. We started checking out the tissue to see if he hid any phone numbers inside or not. Skali he wrote his number on the tissue papers. Hahaha....

My cousin also told me that he always give out tissue packets with the picture of a penguin on it.

Each of us received one packet from him !

Scenario 2 -:

The glutton

Lots of old uncle went to dinner to try to eat as much food as they can. They will think of ways and methods to stand the best chance of eating the most food. I was amazed. Truly amazed. First of all, the group of gluttons will not sit together. They wil split themselves up, each sitting at the table with the fewest people.

When the dishes come, the glutton will take one piece, put on his plate, not eat it. Then he will take another piece and started eating until all the food on the main plate is gone then will tuck into his personal plate of collection.

Time is crucial when the dish was brought to the table. You will need to target and be quick to pick up the piece that you want to eat. My cousin is very good at that. When we had the crispy chicken, she took a drumstick for me. When we returned to the main plate, all the drumsticks and thigh meat were gone. Left only the breast meat. The glutton has taken everything on his plate.

During eating time, I dun have time to take photos because we need to fight for food. I only managed to take during those 'cheaper' dishes like vegetable.

The vegetable with the sotong. Even a dish like this, the sotong will be snapped up very fast. This uncle was incredible. During the shark fin's soup. He ate super fast so he can secure a second bowl.

During one of the dish, pig's trotter, we all aimed for lean meat. Including the glutton uncle. We each took a piece of lean meat and ate it. When we returned to take another piece. There were none. I was astonished to see the glutton's plate:

I pretended to take photo of the trotter but please notice the plate at the top of the picture. The glutton had taken the WHOLE piece of lean meat onto his plate!!

He is happily eating the lean meat......
Finally, the lean meat was too tough and he couldn't swallow it. He spitted it out...

Scenario 3 -:

The staring aunties.

As our table only had 5 persons, we received some envious or you can say, angry stares. The aunties at the other tables keep staring at us. Little did they know that we have a glutton on our table.

They keep looking us during the intervals with an unhappy look on their face. I told my cousin that we might as well invite them over to join our table. One man was also looking at our table. My cousin told me to avoid eye contact with him if not he will come over to join us. We don't need another glutton here.

Scenario 4 -:

The dessert grabber.

If the dessert that night is ice cream, you will see the dessert grabber. As this is the last dish of the day, the guests don't give a damn anymore. He/She will grab 3 or 4 sticks and put them in the bag and leave. If your table have 10 people, this will means that 2 or 3 person will not have their dessert.

That is very sad lor. The dessert grabber assumed that there are bound to be some people at the table that do not want to eat ice-cream. I just learnt this phrase 'Assume makes and ass out of you and me'! HAhahaa...

You guys know any typical scenarios during a dinner? Feel free to comment!


sHeDiCo said...

the fish is nice hohohoho

Anonymous said...

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