Saturday, September 26, 2009


On Monday, I went to Ikea with my parents to buy some shelves. I am so totally short of shelves because of my tonnes of stuff. I think I got too many VCDs or DVDs and they really take up a lot of space in my room! Dang.

So we arrived at Ikea after I made a call to them to ask if they have stock for this white shelf I have been aiming for some time. It's always, ALWAYS, out of stock. Very Pek Cek. So on Monday, I called and the stock was in. I then asked if my parents are free that night to go get it. At first I thought that we can bring back the shelves ourselves.

We went to the furniture collection area to look for the shelves and I finally found them. There were only a few pieces left. I saw that the black colour has only one set left but I want to white one. There is a guy standing beside me looking at the same shelves. He asked me if I was looking for the white one too. I told him yes.

Shit, I thought, if there is only one set left then very suay lor. I will have to wait for new stock again.

We found the shelf after a while and thank goodness, there were 3 sets left. The guy then moved a set to his trolley. He asked me again if I wanted the white colour. I told him I am very sure~

Then he took another set and put on my trolley because the shelf was really very heavy.

My mum said later on that the guy is really a gentleman to do this without us asking and that this kind of guys are rare. Hahaha, I told her that there are still gentlemen somewhere on earth.

My father, who has been quiet all this while suddenly opened mouth,"Yah lah, other people very gentleman. I go Ikea with you all in this big rain and you all never say I am gentleman."

My mum reaction also very fast,"Aiyoh... most gentleman one is you liao. We very touched leh. Want to cry liao."

Hahahah, mad.

My father replied,"No need lah. I am lady."


littlebird said...

VCD/DVD of what kind?
May be you can put them into memory stick? and put the memory stick vcd/dvd into storage area, that you can always use everyday. etc.

I have okay amount of disk. I like to put them into cute disk album.

I saw a news that disk (dvd/vcd, etc) don't last, the memory will fade someday. But haha, i guess is may be long long time. Like after we pass away.

wow, that's very gentlemen of him. hehe, even man will 'sip vinegar' too!

Miko said...

MY dvds all comes with packaging and mostly are opera related so I dun want to throw them away. For now, I have arranged them onto a shelf so its not much of a problem.