Monday, September 08, 2008

Showing Katie Around

Last week, a friend from Chicago, Katie, visited me, she stayed at my place for 5 days and we had lots of fun together! She told me that she is not into shopping so me and lock and KL racked our brains to come up with places to bring her to.
Well, we did came up with a few outlandish places. Woo hoo~

First night, I picked her up at Lavender. She was coming from Malacca and she missed her bus. She told me it was amazing how much time she spent at the checkpoint that she missed her bus. In the end, she took a cab to Lavender and told the taxi driver she looking for Lavender bus station. The taxi driver told her there is only MRT station, no bus station. Lol...

That night, Lock and me picked her up at Lavender then we went off to AMK hub for dinner. Too late le plus I need to go work next day so I didn't bring her around.

First day - 28.08.08

It was a Thursday, she went to the Arts Museum while I was at work. After that, we met up and walked all the way to the famous guan yin temple at 'four horse road'. She liked the way that the indian temple is right beside the chinese temple.

Then we went to see the getai where we saw MD there too. MD is fan of getai lor. We only stayed at the getai for like 15 minutes. Then we went on to Victoria Theatre because KL got a rehearsal there, dance rehearsal, and she is interested in theatre. So we went in to see it. Too bad I got no performance on that few days. She liked the dance and KL gave us tickets to come back on Saturday to see the full show.

After that, KL, me and Katie, picked up Lock from Little India and we went to..... LIM CHU KANG! Lol.. she was interested and it was the 7th mth, so we decided to go there to see some rituals.

It was very happening. We saw some people praying to the 'gu hun ye gui' and 2 person summoning the Black and White. Katie told me it was so cool to see a possessed man in training. Yes, we saw a trainee 'ki tong' but he eventually did not get possessed successfully.

Then KL, the temples expert explained all those praying rituals and hell money to her.

Day 2 - 29.08.08

I got to go NSC for chemical peel. So Lock brought her around at Esplanade.

I don't know how this photo came about. So funny.

We watched some short clips done by Singaporean aspiring film makers in the Esplanade library too. It was funny because Katie was not used with the singaporean english accent and the various random chinese word we used. However, she learnt a word in the video, dai bao, meaning big bun.

Then we started teaching her to speak singlish. All the lah, leh, meh stuff. She picked up really quickly and can use the lah and leh pretty well.
That night, we went to Geylang to see hookers. Funny right... Hahahaha.. and then we went to Changi to see trannies and show her Changi Hospital. We didn't dare to go into the hospital. It's so eerie looking.
During the long car rides, Katie and Lock made fun of the panda bears in KL's car.

The used my hair as a wig for the panda! Lol...
And Sadako panda! so cute right! Funny lor.. :D

Also, we watched National Geographic in the morning and they were showing pandas. A baby panda was calling out to the mother panda, "eah!".

Katie found that hilarious and we started saying, 'eah' at each other. I can say that we speak good pandaish now.

Eah eah!

Day 3 - 30.08.08

We went to Sentosa for a swim. Katie said it was a dream come true...
And we played Pepsi Cola 123! It was lock's idea. So silly but we had fun.

Lock and Katie sparring. Mad lor..
Lock striking a sexy pose.

Lock: Please help me take a photo of my sexy pose.

After the beach, we went to KTV with Miss Tan and May.
2 of us doing stupid poses.. :)

May, Miss Tan and Lock. They are doing the monkey thing, massaging the person in front of them. They hate my massage though because they said that I didn't use enough strength. Lol.. good la, then I no need to massage for them.

Then we went to mind cafe to play games till like 3am! Another long day passed.

Day 4 - 31.08.08

We didn't do much today because we were too tired. Woke up late and then we went to Lor Ah Soo to buy hell notes. Yes de, hell notes. Katie wanted to bring those back to Chicago and GIVE to her friends! Mad or what! I told her not to show these stuff to the chinese there. They will freak out. She also bought this HELL PASSPORT. It was funny! There was an air ticket inside too which says 'Hell Airlines' and a traveller's cheque, Hell Bank!

Katie loved that Hell passport. She told me that she will use that when she leave the singapore customs the next day. I think the custom people will put her in IMH lor.

Then she told me she will give the passport to a friend who likes travelling back in Chicago.....


Later on that evening, we attended James wedding. She has never eaten a traditional chinese wedding dinner before and it was quite an experience for her too. I got some photos of James solemnisation, will blog about it in another day.

This day is a sunday and I work the next day, so we went back home after the dinner.

The next day, I left home in the morning for work and she called me up before she left to say thank you and that she hopes to see me in Korea next year. Yes de, she actually stayed in Korea for 2 years and she will be going back there to work next year. She also speaks fluent Korean! I will probably visit her in Korea next year then I can have someone show me around too~

I had lots of fun these few days and I learnt more about Singapore while showing her around. It was cool...

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