Thursday, September 25, 2008

James Wedding

Jame's wedding was a simple affair held at Xin Fu restaurant. A bigger celebration will be held in Malaysia as his wife is Malaysian. The dinner was on 31 Aug and I brought Katie along.

Lock, Katie and me.

Saying the vows... awww.. My N82 when taking photos with the flashlights gave me dark photos like this but when I switched off the flash, it's like this:

Weird like anything. Signing the papers. This is the second time I am blogging about a solemnisation. The first one was Peijia's one...

The wedded couple still must accept tea and give angbao to the kids lor! The wedding was simple and it ended quite early, at about 9.30pm. Lol, we were all very punctual guests. At a lot of weddings, the guests will come in at 8pm when the card says 6.30pm. James told us to come in at 6pm and all of us went there at that time. The wedding dinner was able to start off on time which is good.

I think all weddings should be like this and not make us all wait till like 8pm then start the dinner. And of course, the guests should be punctual. If it's my wedding, I will probably just start the dinner at the indicated time regardless of whether all the guests arrived already or not. If they want to be late then too bad for them that they has got less food, serves them right. The card already told them to come at 7pm, they act smart, want to come late.

I think I will be the most atittude bride lor.

Btw, this is my 400th post for Mikolah! yay~ Although it is not alot for 1 blog but I have 2 blogs! Most of my blog entries are quite long and requires lots of typing and kping so it's not easy to write so many entries ok! The total of posts for both my blogs are coming close to 800 liao. A lucky number.


Kongming said...

i think my wedding card will says "Start at 7.30pm. Late ur business, ang bao must still give"

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

You look sharp in the pink dress.

Miko said...

cake+tea : Lol, I don't want to look too sharp actually...

MD: Yah, should do that.. so that can start the dinner early and end early.