Thursday, September 04, 2008

Travel Wish

My avid readers should know by now that I crave for traveling and my ultimate goal in life is to travel to all the beautiful countries in the world. I don't know if I can have companions for these trips but you can register with me if you want to visit the countries that I plan to go then we can go together lah. Hahaha... I am not a rich girl lor and I need to save money for all these trips. Of course if one day got rich man sponsor me go, I will be more than happy to accept. :P

In fact, up till now, most of my trips were sponsored but I think I gonna pay for the trips myself
from now on because you can't choose where to go if they are sponsored.

So I have decided not to get a car or house or anything like that that requires me to commit lots of money. I am not going to get married and have kids cuz kids are a burden and they cost a bomb to keep. I pity people with children lor.. but then again, they are happy with their lives.

I have so many countries to visit and I hope to complete my world traveling by 40 years old! Sometimes I worry, if I am to spend all my savings on traveling, I think I will not have money for retirement.

Aiyah, heck retirement lah! Government doesn't want us to retire anyway. Stupid government.

Ok, back to the topic. Travels!

I am gonna list down the places I have visited first. So that I know how many places I have visited. However, I only remember the trips starting from year 1998. So sad lor, my father brought me to several places when I was young but I forgot which year le. Think he must have regretted to spend so much and bring me to places when I can't really remember.

Maybe I should keep a travel journal. So I can plan and budget my trips.

Year 1998

1) Sweden
2) Denmark

School paid for these, I went there to perform military band marching and playing trumpets. I love these 2 places.

Year 2003

1) Taiwan - Bala treated me the air tickets. Thank you bala! And I stayed in Ang's house.
2) Malaysia - Tioman

Year 2004

1) China - Beijing
2) Maldives - I came back the night before the Tsunami strikes. If I stayed for another 6 hours. You might not see me again!

Year 2005

1) Indonesia - Jakarta, performance trip
2) Malaysia - Redang
3) Malaysia - Perhentien

Year 2006

1) Taiwan again - Performance trip again
2) Thailand - Phuket
3) China - Shantou
4) Indonesia - Bintan, company trip

Year 2007

1) Thailand - Bangkok, first self paid trip! Went with dearest May Teng and YH.
2) Taiwan and again! - Think I go TW too many times liao.

Year 2008

1) China - Guangzhou, second self-paid trip, went with dearest coi ppl.
2) Iran - Tehran, performance trip
3) Qatar - Doha (transit)
4) Indonesia - Batam, company trip


I got big plans on where to go.. but really. I got to budget them.

Year 2008

1) Sabah - Planning to visit a friend at Sabah in October ($350)

Year 2009

1) Malaysia - Tioman, planning for a short trip there just to relax ($300)
2) Korea - Visit a friend there in September, don't know how much this is going to cost me.
3) Hongkong- Visit a friend in Korea and shun bian go HK together

Year 2010

1) Greenland! - This is going to take alot of money so this year I target to go only 1 place. ($6000)

Year 2011

1) France - Paris, I must go there!
2) Netherlands - Holland & Amsterdam, my friend kept asking me go there. I will try to go if money permits. Probably will go after I visit Paris.

Year 2012

1) Egypt - Cairo
2) China - Anywhere near to SG for a short trip

Year 2013

1) Italy - Rome then to Milan
2) Switzerland - I was thinking from Milan can go Switzerland.. cuz very near.

Year 2014

1) Sweden - Stockholm. I love this place. Sweden is a very peaceful country!
2) Norway

Year 2015

1) Russia
2) Mongolia

Rough idea is like this la but of course I have to see whether that year my financial ability allows me to go that place or not. If not then I will save it and wait for the next year lor. However, I plan to target all my trips to be budget trips, meaning I will stay at friend's house or stay in hostel. I will eat in cheaper places and minimum shopping. That way, I can save the money and go to more places! Hooray!~

I have been making the plans mentally in my head, today I decided to plan it out. Looks like its going to be difficult to travel to so many places in such a short time but I hope I can make it. If not I will die as a very unhappy person.


sHeDiCo said...

i wanna go egypt too but not sure how much it cost? do u know roughly how much? and i wanna go korea too love love love korea

Miko said...

Dunno leh.. I think around $3-4k ba... Korea is not that ex lor but then again it all depends on when you go and how long u staying there. Korea I am going next year sept or oct.

sHeDiCo said...

i wanna go! need to save for now