Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Auntie Play PSP

Was going to work a few days ago when I saw this amazing sight in the bus.

I know that I just got to take a photo of this!! So I secretly snapped it with my dearest N82.

Auntie play PSP hor. Don't play play! hahaha... Some more it's a pink one ok. I think she was playing a game similar to the crystal puzzle fighter. I was surprised lor cuz even my mum, who is younger than this auntie, doesn't like games at all.


Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

hehe, my grandma used to go to arcade. Those that you play games like throwing balls, then you collect tickets. And you use tickets to exchange things like toys, and even tv, microwave, etc.

Miko said...

cake+tea: Wow, your grandma is so happening too! But that's good, old physically but young at heart.