Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lock's doodling

I happened to see a book on Lock's desk, it was a self-help book on wealth building. Curiously I flipped the book and saw lots of hilarious doodling in it. I told Lock that I am going to take pictures of his book and blog them. Hee hee.. He is so crazy!

Look at these!

Money! The face he draw on the note looked very stupid.

I guess this chapter has got something to do with passion and commitment to wealth building that's why he draw this 'ru chi ru kuang'. I like this, I think it's cute.

VOC is the department that he is in. Apparently, he now eat VOC, breathe VOC and drink VOC. Still got 'Yum yum' some more lor!

Snoopy.. and a very uglily drawn boy.

This one is funny, he drew our competing companies as turtles!

Hee hee, this last one is this ship or maybe it's a container or maybe its a building. I don't know what he is drawing but its cute.

If I ever see anymore interesting drawings in his book, I will blog about them again!

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