Friday, September 26, 2008

Sweeny Todd

Amai was saying that she loves musicals. I am actually not a big fan for musicals but I saw this musical movie a few weeks ago and I thought it was wonderful!

Sweeny Todd was on the cinemas last year but I didn't have time to see it at that time and I think it wasn't popular so it was not on the screen for a long time. I wanted to see it because I like the poster. I like the poster very much. Finally, I got the DVD sometime ago and decided to watch it last 2 weeks, on my bday. Lol..

DLQ was there when I watched it and she was surprised that I am watching such a sinister, diabolic musical. There were many people at my place but none of them could bear sitting down and watching a musical. Too boring I guess.

This is the poster I like.

I don't really know alot of ang moh actors because they all look kinda same to me but I think I like Johnny Depp now. I have seen his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Pirates series and they gave me a very deep impression of him. He is a good actor I think.

Tim Burton is a good director and together with Johnny Depp, it can't go wrong.

The plot is about this barber who was accused of something he didn't do and was sent away for 15 years. Meanwhile the judge who wrongly accused him took his wife and daughter. The wife committed suicide and the daughter was locked up by the judge. Johnny aka Sweeny Todd came back after 15 years to seek revenge. That's roughly the plot but there is a twist at the ending.

I think Johnny Depp fits the role of Sweeny Todd well. Look at him, so sinister looking. Surprisingly, he sang pretty well too. It wasn't expected because he will probably sound like a pop singer but no, he sang the musical well. In fact, it was said that he practiced the singing everywhere he goes, even during the filming of Pirates: At world's end.

Sweeny Todd and Mrs Lovett.

I think the hairstyle is quite stylish. He looks like a skunk. :P

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I will suggest you to see it. The beginning is a bit slow and full of singing so you might fall asleep, just like how you will fall asleep when you watch chinese opera. But still, it is worth the time to sit there till the end of the show. I suggest you to watch in the day. This show is rated R because of it's bloody violence.


Anonymous said...

cake + tea,

Johnny Depp is one good actor, he looks like everything he is acted it.

Miko said...

Did you see this movie? I think it's nice if you are one that is ok with gory stuff.

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

haha, no I am not going to watch it.
I dont like to watch bloody stuff.