Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Steamboat Session

Steamboat is one of May's favourite food and she told me before that she can eat steamboat everyday! So we organised a steamboat session at May's house. Unfortuantely, May told me that she has thrown all the sauces away so we can't eat at her place. Haiz.. So in the end we went to Kanglong's place to eat steamboat because he said that he got the pot.

Ok, so we went to meet May at about 4pm to eat something first and do some last minute shopping. We bought lots of good food like clams and prawns and of course the 'da bai cai' which I like to eat. Actually I like to eat many types of veg lor, not only da bai cai.

We started preparing the food once we arrived at Kanglong's place. Hahaha, as most of you know, I am a qian jin xiao jie so I don't really know much about preparing food. I stood around most of the times taking photos. Hmm.. at least I did wash the veg and prepare the paper plates and some misc stuff lor.

May was not used to preparing food in a messed up kitchen. Kanglong's kitchecn was pretty messed up because nobody really cooks there and his mum wasn't around most of the time. There were also multiple stuff in his kitchen. For example, he told me he has got 5 slow cookers! What the hell? And they don't even cook often. Never mind, next time my slow cooker spoil, I can still borrow his.

We also found other multiple items like 2 opened packet of salt, 2 packet of sugar... etc. One of the salt packet was such a big pack that May commented it's the first time in her life that she is preparing food with such BIG pack of salt.

The soup was in process of cooking. Photo was taken before we add the soya beans. May commented that soya beans prices has went up.

Hmm... what are they looking for? Think the kitchen is too messy to find anything.

Our steamboat in the end becomes a claypot! KL in the end said that he only found the base of the steamboat but not the pot. We tried to use the slow cooker pot on the base but the soup doesn't boil. May is very particular about boiling soup and she once had a bad experience at Bala's place. Sadly to say, history repeated itself!

So we changed the slow cooker pot into this claypot and we prayed hard for it to boil. May was rather optimistic that this pot will work and soup will boil but alas! The soup did not boil too. Finally, we bring in the authentic steamboat pot which we normally see in steamboat shops. However, this steamboat pot needs a gas tank to work but we tried it anyway on the hotplate.

Transfering the soup and food into the steamboat pot. I purposely took this photo with half of May's face cropped off. I don't wanna blog her face because she will kp to me later that I blog her ugly photos.

Notice May's left hand in the photo? What the HELL is that?! Some kind of weird handsign? Or she thought that she was dancing while holding some veg on her right hand?

May told me that I must blog this cup of 2 in 1 coffee (yes de, she has gone back to those days telling us what we should blog). When I say 2 in 1 coffee, I don't mean the coffee mix. I mean there are actually 2 packet of coffee put together into one cup making it a mega big cup of coffee.... -_-"

KL went to coffeeshop to buy coffee and drinks. May said that she wanted to drink kopi-o so KL bought 3 packets! I asked him why he bought so many. He said that he was afraid 1 pack is not enough.. diaoz.

May said that it was the first time in her life that she was drinking such a damn big cup of coffee.

Let's compare May's coffee with my normal cup of coke. Big lor. Think she will not be able to sleep after that.

Finally, our steamboat started boiling and we happily cooked our food. May surrendered soon and refused to eat anymore. I think she is on diet but she doesn't admit it.

After finishing all the food, I was so damn full and felt sinful. So we made Kanglong teach us some workouts. Hahaha. Poor guy got to demo to us though he was very full himself. He also gave me 2 weights for me to workout with. Ok, I think I will start doing something and hopefully, I can lose my fats too!

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