Friday, March 07, 2008

Beautiful Doha

This entry will be an eye opening experience for you guys if you haven't visit middle east before.
10.02.08 (1+am) - Yay.. we are setting off to Doha for transit.

Group photo but not everyone here is going Iran lah~ Hahaha.. Alot of them were family and friends here to send us off. Especially the 2 malay guys. They got many supporters sia!

Me: Hmm.. what should I order?

YH: Say Cheese~

hahahah what a stupid photo lor. It was taken inside Changi Airport.

10.02.08 - We arrived at Doha at about 7am Doha's time. It was a beautiful morning and Doha greeted us with a smile~ Doha is BEAUTIFUL!

Hello Doha!!

YH!!!! I want to kiss you!! But YH don't want to let me kiss her.

They are mad~ hahaha!! From left, Nizar, Nai ba, Jiang da and Kanglong.

Look at their number plate! Can you translate the numbers into their writing?

We waited for some time for the Movenpick coach to come pick us up to its hotel. Movenpick hotel was situated in somewhere like our CBD area. The buildings in their 'CBD area' were beatiful and glistening. They reflected onto the mirror like, crystal clear lake and the whole scene blown us away! We were like,"waaaaa....."

WELCOME TO DOHA!!!! Look at the beautiful lake! It reflected the modern buildings like a mirror~ The CBD area is still under construction because I can see that 70% of the buildings are still building. I think that after the construction is completed, the whole place will shine like a golden city~

The sunshine was warm and the weather was cool, the sea was crystal clear, the roads were clean and the people were nice!

Closer look on the CBD area under construction.

Beautiful Movenpick Hotel

I am here, can you see me????

YH taking photo of the hotel.

This is the lobby. Although this hotel is small. It is super luxurious. Apparently, the Doha people has got very high living standards.

The beds are super comfortable! It's those kind of bed that you will fall asleep in even though you are not tired. It is THAT comfy. The pillow is very puffy and soft that your head practically sinks into it. I love the bed! I want to buy that puffy pillow! Too bad I didn't sleep on the bed.. I only lied down for awhile because I spent alot of time exploring this hotel and Doha.

The kitchenette~ In every room, there is a little kitchen with this electronic stove and basin.

In every room, there is also a HDTV. Woot~ Even in SG hotel, alot are still using those normal CTV lor but this Doha hotel has got HDTV in all rooms~ Sooo cool.. That is Falzi posing with the TV.

After checking out the room, let's check out the other parts of the hotel like... the swimming pool! It's an indoor swimming pool on the 26th floor

Is this beautiful or what?? Hahaha, some people commented that this pool is prettier than even the Shangri-la hotel pool in SG.

Another view of the pool. Wish I got my swimming costumes sia~!

Lying by the pool. That is the Arabian Gulf outside the window. Nice view. Awww.. So lovely!

The view below, Arabian Gulf. Never do I ever ever imagine Doha to be so beautiful. To me, middle east is dusty and sandy like a desert.

Another view of the blue blue sea.

After visiting the swimming pool, me and YH decided to go for a dip in the Jacuzzi.

The jacuzzi was also on the 26th floor and it also faces the sea. The pic above was taken by someone else in the men's jacuzzi. I did took a photo in the lady's jacuzzi but i think this one is nicer. Anyway both the jacuzzis are the same.

This is life~ So comfy... This was taken before I dipped into the jacuzzi.
After the jacuzzi, we went to try out the steambath and the sauna also but we stayed less than 5 minutes in both of them because we cannot stand the heat. hahaha.. I never tried steambath before and the steam almost suffocated the both of us.

After the jacuzzi, sauna and steambath, we were feeling like princesses sitting on this golden couch.

After all that fun, drinking orange juice was pradise~

Having tea and cookie was paradise to YH too.

Like I said, the living standards in Doha is high.

YH: The cakes like not bad leh.
Me: Check out the price la.
YH: Ok.. hmm it's Qatar26.. divide by 3.64 to be USD and times 1.4 to be SGD.....$10 lor..
Me: SURE OR NOT? Where got so ex one?? Let me calculate.. *press press my hp* Wah lau, really is $10 lor. What the hell.

A slice of cake in Singapore's hotel is about $7 only..

Super ex. Lucky our drinks were complimentary.

We did go out of the hotel for a walk after our high tea but like I said, everything was under construction so I did not take many photos and anyway we didn't dare to wander too far. If Ang finds out. She will kill us.

But according to Nai ba and Li lao shi, they walked to the seaside and the water was very clean and cool. Aww... must be a very nice place to swim.

Beautiful Doha. An eye opener for me. Maybe you might want to visit Doha a few years later. I believe it will be even more beautiful.


Anonymous said...

wow - so nice!

i always thought iran is a run down place... so envy!! xj

Miko said...

erm.. I think there is a misunderstanding.. The place is Doha, which is the capital of Qatar.

Iran is not as beautiful and the hotel sucks but Iran is still a nice place to visit. I will blog on it soon.

Kongming said...

cost of living there looks quite high also...
did e plane fly past palm island n other wonders?

fr said...

I think the 'stupid photo' look quite nice leh - got the contented, 'looking-forward-to-the-trip' look

Miko said...

fr: hahah.. issit.. i was looking at the menu lor.. thinking of what to order.

MD: I didn't sit at the window seat lor. So I didn't see anything. Anyway.. we were all sleeping on the plane la. Haiz.. i kind of miss the trip leh.

littlebird said...

The hotel looks very luxury. What kind of food did you eat in the hotel? any Iran food?

I heard there is a "floating" hotel in the middle of water, somewhere in Iran? (I saw it onces on a documentary tv on National Geographic)

Miko said...

hello little bird! I am so happy to see your comments here.

I did took some photos of the buffet in this hotel but because they are normal western food, i didn't blog them up. We ate smoked salmon, cheese, ham etc. Nothing special. But we did get to eat Iranian food when we arrived at Iran.

As for the floating hotel. I am not sure because we stayed in a very modest hotel. We didn't get to see the floating hotel.

SmartChic said...

haha... their numbers very funny.

"145694" looks like "130793" instead in their language

really impressed by the mirror reflected lake, their lake surface is so calm n steady, no wind to blow the lake surface one wor...

Miko said...

now that u mention it, i don't remember feeling any big winds in Doha. Maybe that day was a calm day. The place is very clean to some extent it's cleaner than SG because the sea is blue. SG sea is green and murky.. eeee...