Thursday, March 13, 2008

Filming at NTU

On 02.03.08, we went for a filming at NTU. The students there were making a movie and a few of us were 'chosen' to be in this film. Haiz.. actually it is quite unlucky to be chosen because we must reach COI at 7.30am on a beautiful sunday to do filming at NTU.

The chosen ones were Bao hua, Zhu ying, Kanglong and me. Naiba was the chosen one at first but he LAST MINUTE and I mean really last minute, informed me that he can't make it. He asked me to help him look for someone else. He panicked so I am very nice lor, I asked some people but apparently, most of them didn't want to do it because it is tooooo early. Everyone wants to sleep on a sunday. In the end, Naiba got his good brother, Kanglong, to do it.

That day, Kanglong drove me to NTU and we reached there at about 8am. I was going to die of tiredness and so is Kanglong.

I had to do make up first because I was the first one to be filmed. Haiz.. so I did make up first which I think was quite ugly. The make up made my face looked very round.

My round face.

Zhu Ying and Bao Hua.

BTW, we were acting as soldiers for 'Mu Gui Ying'. CBX was acting as Mu gui ying.

Li was doing make up for Kanglong. Suddenly I heard Li speaking very loudly with his very 'dua bak' voice.

Li: Kanglong don't fall asleep!

hahaha... he fell asleep while doing make up... After awhile, I heard again.

Li: I am doing the black parts. Don't fall asleep! Yuying! Pull him at the shoulders!

Everyone is so dead to wake up so early lor. Haiz.. so finally, I did my parts first. I needed to wave this flag around and doing some movements. The flag is the small type and Li taught me 2 days prior to the filming of some movements.

Haha.. I was buttoning my blouse.. the button kept coming off.

I was waiting for them to adjust the camera and arrange the lightings etc. Hahaha.. this photo is very natural and very me lor.

I don't know how many times I re-do the movements for filming. At first I made some mistakes then they wanted to film me using different camera angles. I think I did the movements at least 10 times and they are making me very dizzy. The headgear also gave me headaches. I hate wearing those things.They are worse than wearing wigs.

I was having a bad headache and Kanglong was giving me a message. Fortunately, we were allowed to take off this thing while they were filming other parts. Which means, half of the time we took off that thing and was chatting at the side. Zhu Ying said that it is actually quite fun to do the filming cuz we were very relaxed.

In fact, we were so free that Zhuying started asking Kanglong how to get rid of flabby arms and so Kanglong 'zhi ye bing' again. He started telling them about diets, losing weights and doing what sort of exercises etc.

Kanglong demoing to them how to straighten legs. He commented that my knees were also slightly bending inwards so I have to do this too to straighten my legs. So cute right.. see the 3 of them got nothing else better to do lor.

I think Kanglong also quite busy. Ever since my troupe memebers know that he is a fitness instructor, they started asking him alot of funny questions. May also keep bugging me to ask him how to get rid of tummy etc.

Kanglong teaching ZhuYing how to do lunges. This is effective for losing weight but of course you must do it with the right positions.

Poor Li and CBX were not as free as us lor. They got lots of filming to do. Unlike us, we sit at the side talk kok and do workout. hahaha...

Group photo of us all.. hee hee.. it was a very long process but it turned out to be quite a fun thing to do. I can't wait to see the results of all these filmings.


SmartChic said...

oh so this is the filming u r talking abt when we are the st james the night before...

Jackson = Kanglong

Kanglong sounds like LongGao (drain)

so Jackson = LongGao

haha... kidding!!!

anyway, the last picture is very nice, especially with the green background.

Miko said...

yes de, this was the filming we did after the st james night. I still haven blog on st james sia.. cuz the photos are in my msn share file and these few days i cannot access internet at home.. sianz sia.

win liao lor.. i will tell him that jackson = long gao.. we more used to calling him kanglong cuz the teachers called him kanglong too.

SmartChic said...


i forgot to call him longgao the other day met yall at harbourfront, haha...