Monday, March 03, 2008


I almost forgot to announce that I have bought my phone!!! Yay~ So happy lor. I bought it last week on 28.02.08. It is an N82 from Nokia. After much research and consideration, I decided to buy N82 instead of my initial N95. The reasons are:

- N82 got lens cover but N95 don't have. Once the lens is scratched, the camera is gone.
- N82 has got Xenon flash but N95 got normal flash. Xenon flash are stronger and can spread the light further than N95.
- N82 and N95 has got almost the same functions, both cameras are 5mp.
- N82 is cheaper by $70
- N82 is not a slider, reduced the chances of having a spoilt slider (spoilt sliders are very ex to change)
- I dunno what the N95 package includes but N82 package has got ear piece, usb cable, TV output cable, 2gb memory card.

However, N82 has got only 2gb memory while N95 has got 8gb but that is ok because I don't store mp3 or games in the phone. I already got a mp3 player anyway.

My N82 is white colour and it has got a metallic surface. 2 year contract is $598 and with the $100 voucher, I paid $498 for it.

Pretty? hahah.. my god.. its nice lor.

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