Monday, March 17, 2008

My body fats

Yesterday, we had a steamboat session at Kanglong's place. He told us that he got the steamboat pot so we bought the ingredients there but in the end, he can't find the pot! So we did stupid things.. anyway I will blog about this steamboat session later on because I don't have the photos with me now.

PS: Pai seh lah May, you told me to blog this steamboat session by 9.30am today but I can't lor. The photos are not with me now.

Before the steamboat session, I was as usual kping that I am fat and ugly etc to KL.

Me: Shit man, look at my arms lor.. made up of FATS! So flabby! sianz like hell.

KL: You are not fat lor, I think you got water retention.

Me: No lor, I am fat. It's FATS all over my body.

Kanglong pulled the flab at my arm and after pinching my flab for awhile.....

KL: That is not fats lor. That is your muscle. Your fat is only this thin little bit.. (thugging at my skin) See? This thin bit is your fats.

Me: Diaoz.. please lor.. how can that be.. this whole flab is a mass of fats. I am fat leh.

KL: I got skin fold calipers, I measure your body fats for you la.

Me: Dun want la... Stressed leh, I cannot face the actual figures of my fats. I think I am made of 100% fats.

KL did not want to force me so he said nothing. Minutes later, I decided that I want to measure my body fats and face the truth.

Me: Ok ok.. You measure my fats.

Stressed. Very stressed.

He didn't use weighing machines to find out. Instead, he used a pair of calipers.

He started off pinching my back and used the calipers to measure the thickness. Then the abs and lastly my arm.

KL: Aiyoh.. your arms really got very little fats lor. I never see so little fats in arms before. Think it's not even 5mm.

I think that is very 'hao siao'. How can that be!

So after calculations and taking a look at the body fats table, he concluded that my body is made up of 22% fats.

KL: 22% fats is low, so conclusion is you are not fat. You just have undeveloped muscles.

Me: You trying to tell me that this flab thing on my arm is actually muscles?

KL: Yes, just sagging muscles la. I have seen another girl who is smaller sized than you but her body is made up of 60% fats lor! She is pratically made up of fats.

Weird lor, so the conclusion is, big sized doesn't mean you got lots of fats in you. Small sized doesn't mean you got less fats.

In the end, Kanglong zhi ye bing again, showed me what exercises to do to build up the muscles on my arms. He gave me 2 weights so that I can train at home. I think I will start doing these exercises to build up my muscles.

Later on, I pester May to measure her body fats too but she was very very stressed. She did not want to measure at all but I asked KL to pinch her arms too.

KL told May that she also got little fats on her arms but the fats are still more than mine.

That is a shocking news because May's arms look much more thinner than mine. Haiz.. that means if she lose the fats, she will have even thinner arms lor. That's good. I won't be having thinner arms because even I do exercises, my muscles will become more firm only but not smaller. According to Kanglong there is no way I can make my muscles smaller.

So our steamboat session ended with a workout lesson. KL taught us a few workouts we can do to tone up muscles. May very heck leh, she was the one that wanted so much to know about how to slim down then she became very pekcek when she realised that the workouts are very tedious and hard to do. So she told KL that she heck already lah, life is short so she want to be happy.. etc etc.. EXCUSES LAH! She is just plain lazy lor.

So sad for me, I can never have small and thin arms!! :(


Oh yah, another stupid thing happened. I was sitting there talking to Kanglong after the steamboat. May had disappeared to toilet or kitchen or somewhere I don't know.

Again, we were talking about being fat and I was still kping that I am fat blah blah.. etc.

Kanglong looked up and down at me and scrutinised every inch of my body parts.

KL: If you want to say you are fat, at most it's only your lower abs and thighs that have more fats. You stomach don't have much fats also.

Shit lor! Please don't scruitnise my body can? Very stress leh!

My advice to you guys. If you are meeting a fitness trainer, please wear loose clothes because they will scrutinise your body! KL said he can't know whether YH got more fats or muscles because YH was always wearing loose clothes.

Haiz, so today I learnt something new about fats and muscles. I hope people who read my blog learnt something too.


md said...

when the hell r the 2 of u fat?

i dont even consider bala as fat. at most is big size with slightly big tummy

Anonymous said...

i need KL to see if i am fat too.. cos i think i am putting more weights now

sHeDiCo said...

btw its me huh shedico haha

Miko said...

hahah ok.. i thought it's who sia..

ok ok.. next time when he sees you, I ask him help u measure too. anyway u are not fat lor!

SmartChic said...

wat a blog~~~

it's just about...

fats here fats there

muscle here muscle there


girls nowadays...

*bo wey gong*

Miko said...

hai... bo bian mah.. dun tell me u are not weight concious lor.