Friday, March 14, 2008

A park in Tehran

On the 13 Feb, I think it's 13 Feb, we were going to start having fun in Iran! Performance over, it's time to party!

Oh yes~

We were going to visit the museums in Iran. Before setting off, we wrapped our heads and Falzi came to borrow my ear muffs. He was telling me that his ears were cold and painful. Poor Falzi was sick that day. So I lent him my ear muffs.

He was telling me,"Oh, PINK ear muffs~! So cute!" Then he posed like in the above photo. So super funny sia and what is Bala doing behind??? -_-"

Taken in the coach. Crazy Falzi fooling around with my ear muffs! Oink Oink! These guys has been watching me rehearse the princess role many times so they always imitate me with the actions and speech. Look at Falzi's hand in the photo... diaoz..

They also like to imitate me saying,"Ya ho..." Which in chinese it is ,"ye hao.." I hope you know what I am talking about. So these guys, including naiba, keep on saying 'ya ho' to me in a high pitched voice.

All of us taking photo in the coach only Ang is uninterested in taking photos. I think she is in a super bad mood because we were being very disobedient. She wanted us to put on the green scarf but she did not tell us before hand that she wants us to do so. And from our understanding, we know that we don't need to put on uniforms for unofficial events. Today we are going visiting and partying so it's unofficial and so we heck care lah. If she wants anything to be done, please send notices in advance lor, for god's sake.

I think Ang was really very cold.....

A sequence of photos of we crazy people jumping around. I think I really got no 'xing xiang' there.. :P

Aiyoh.. Nai ba!!! what are you doing??? What a funny pose lor!

Bala looked like he was from Shanghai in the 1930s. Hahaha.. A steel horse outside the museum. We can 'sin kia ti beh....'

Hmm.. which piece should I buy? Which one is nicer ah?? A shop in the museum..

Antoher horse! This time it's a wooden one~

In the museum corridor, again, YH and Falzi action action.

Another piece of artwork. I am just trying to show you guys the arts of Iran. :D

Give me back the camera if you dunno how to take photos!

At the park behind the museum~ It was fun! There were lots of these workout equipments and we were having fun trying them out.

Kanglong and our very cool translator. I think our translator was pretty stylo. Wasn't he? He is only 23 years old!

A water drinking station at the park. According to our translator, the sign says 'Water of drinking'.
Naiba and translator~ Translator was still acting cool.

Aiyoh.. Kanglong! What are you doing with QY? You are tipping her over already! Hahaha..

Hahaha.. action action Falzi in action again.

Oh yes, we are all very cool people.

Again, we are cool people! Cool ok?!

Aiyoh.. what kind of photo is this? Everyone doing their own poses acting like they don't know each other...

What is this on the floor? Whitish... slime? cotton wool? No...

It's ice~!

QY decided to shovel the ice off the drains for the Iranian people. Awww.. QY is being very noble. All the way to Iran to shovel ice from the drains. Think the Iranian worker must be thinking that we are a bunch of siao tourists.

Looking at the photos, I realised that Iran does, to a certain extent, looks like Europe. The trees.. buildings.. etc... Naiba told me that these photos looked as if they were taken from some Australian or UK university.. Hahaha.. true lor.

Fun visit to the park and museum~ Next time I will blog about the streets and the local shopping of Iran~


Kongming said...

bala seeing if e ceiling is falling..

qy dress like those fairy tale character...

no fat horse ah? if hungry, no horse meat to eat wor...

wat! mr translator is 23?! i tot he's 32!

SmartChic said...

some of the photos very cute, looks as if it has been photoshop-ed.

1) Naiba with the funny pose

2) 3 persons doing different poses, very funny lor, dont look proportional and somehow the people just look "no link" with the background


got malay friends in hokkien opera one sia..."Ya Hou", promote multi-racial harmony, haha... :p

interesting pix from the middle east. really very different from wat we thought, will promote it in my blog, haha...

Miko said...

MD: Yah la.. our translator looks chao lao.. but he is still cool. We all felt that he is quite charming wor.

smarchic: Thanks for your comments sia!~ Now u mentioned it, the photos do look like they were photoshopped.

I will be posting more amazing pics of Iran which you all never thought Iran will look like that. Thanks for promoting my photos in ur blog sia~