Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Iran from the air

After staying for 8 hours at beautiful Doha, we setted off to the airport once again to fly to Tehran, the capital of Iran. Tehran is also a beautiful and I still have lots of fond memories of there.

As per what we thought it to be, Iran seems like a place of deserts and sands.

But we caught this amazing sight of snowy mountains~ These mountains were tall and they were all capped with snow.

Look at this one! It's so tall that it is poking into the clouds. Again, it is a snow capped mountain.

We arrived at Tehran after about 2 hours flight from Doha. We got stuck in the airport for awhile because the 3 non-singaporeans were stuck in there doing the visas. -_-"

And the Iranians were very pekcek with us at the customs because the custom officers took a bloody long time to check our passports. I think they are not used to having non-Iranians visitors ba. I mean who in the right mind will go Iran for tour? So we waited for a long time in the airport.. zzzzzz....

Finally.. we arrived at Tehran and this is what we saw when we exit from the main doors of the aiport.Snowy land!

Most of us who are seeing snow for the first time were very happy to see this the first thing we step onto Iran's ground. yay~ Snowy land! Beautiful yah? Who would expect to see snow in a place like Iran?


SmartChic said...

finally i learnt something abt middle east from ur blog...

Doha is the capital of Qatar right?

then Tehran is the capital of Iran right?

so Qatar is not related to Iran right?

i used to think they are 4 different countries, haha...

Miko said...

yes yes... u are right

I declare again to avoid confusion:

Tehran = Iran's capital
Doha = Qatar's capital.

I think alot of people reading my blog thought that Doha is in Iran.