Monday, March 17, 2008

Blu Ray

Recently I was interested on Blu Ray products. I know that I can't possibly afford to enjoy Blu Ray yet but I am interested to know how it works.

For your info, to maximise the quality of Blu-ray quality, you MUST own a HDTV. So meaning, you need to get a Blu-ray player and a HDTV. That will chao chao cost you like $7k or 8k depending on your TV size.

Blu-ray also known as BD is the next generation optical disc format developed by Blue-ray Disc Association. It offers a capacity of 5 times of normal DVDs. Meaning to say, a single layer Blu-ray disc can store 25GB while double layer can store 50GB.

The reason why Blu-ray can hold more information is because if the laser light it's using. Yes de, that is blue laser. The blue laser light has a wavelength of 405nm while the normal red laser light's wavelength is 650nm.

I hope you know what is light wavelength.

405nm means that it has a shorter wavelength and that means it can hit a more precise spot on the disc. Since blue laser can hit a more precise spot in the disc, we can now squeeze in more information on the same disc size.

As you know, or maybe you don't, information on discs are recorded in 'bumps'. Something like bumps=1 and dents=0. So information are recorded in 101010100101 format.

Now that the blue laser is more precise, we can make the bumps and dents smaller on the discs and thus store more information. I read that they are developing multi-layers on blu-ray too. Meaning to say if the developer wants a bigger storage space, they can increase layers to Quad-layers storing 200GB of information on a single disc.

Amazing right...

For your information, NM = Nanometer. How big is 1 nanmeter? It is 1 millionth of a MM. That is how small an NM is.

My god.. When the prices of such gadgets drop, I gonna buy it. DVDs will be out soon. The market will soon be dominated by blu-ray and HDTVs.

HDTVs are sharper than SDTV. Why? Cuz it got double the resolution of SDTV. However, it doesn't mean that it can play low quality videos input into a sharp, high res output. Many people thought that you can 'sharpen' the images of their DVD or VCD when they use a HDTV but that is totally wrong. You will need a good source for a good result on the TVs. No point getting HDTV if you don't have HD-DVD player. Got it?


mingde said...

anyway HD DVD had stopped production

Miko said...

Yes, I know. Sony stopped production of HD DVD to adopt Blu-ray and the rest of the companies followed.

SmartChic said...

*catch no ball*

Miko said...

hahaa.. looks like my explanation not very good.