Friday, May 11, 2007

So Sorry

Yday kana from XJ say I so long no blog. Haiz.. I very busy lor. really. Everyday go to GCB, then reach home close to 12am.. after that watch a bit of TV then sleep le. Don't really have time for blogging. Yday wanted to blog but then I had a stupid argument with YX again so I didn't blog.

Actually I got alot of things to blog. I took some pictures from the Charity Show which are rather funny and got some crappy stuff to talk about it too. I'd better blog that fast before I forgot everything that happened on that day.

I also took some photos of YX and his friend, Xiao Du. Very ugly photos but they are all still in my HP.

Got one good news tho. May's blog is going to be opened soon!! Very qi dai right???? What brillant words has May got to say? We are all looking forward to it.

Oh yah, think this sunday got repeat of Charity Show. My god. Several colleagues spotted me on TV waving like mad. I tot no one will see me and I was quietly gloating over it. Haiz.. no image lor but no choice. I mentioned that I wont scream or do anything silly right..? But I can't help it. Ang gave us posters to hang and the whole troupe was screaming. I will look stupid to sit there quietly lor. Hahaha.. aiyoh.. more details of it when I got time to blog.

Tonight going steamboating with May they all. Shall continue to take photos!


Anonymous said...

wow.. so gd, always got steamboat!
haha.... cos i check u all de blog no update very xian lor.....

hee.... yeh, look forward to ah may de blog.. sure very 38 and cute :)xj

Miko said...

yes de... ah may de blog will be super 38 and bitchy lor.. u all will know her true colours then..