Wednesday, May 23, 2007

GCB again

As I spent alot of time at GCB these few days, I basically got nothing to blog except GCB and some random photos which I took.

YX acting as a killer. I kind of like this costume. Simple and nice.. Can't imagine him wearing dua ban. He will look super super weird.

YX and Du.. Why must always draw this kind of funny marks on his face. I asked him. He just like to disfigure himself by draw scars on his face. Does that make him look fiercer? He dun need to draw scars also look very fierce lor.

Skinny Du.

The vbery fat me, look so ugly.. and some more no make up. I sucks lor. I think I better go and die.
Our photo again. Taken yesterday I think. YX was very bored at backstage that he tried balancing several things on his nose bridge. So far I have seen him balancing an unbrella (the long kind), a clothes hanger and a CHAIR. He put a chair on his nose lor can you imagine. I forgot to take photos.. too bad. He showed my mum today this trick and my mum was very happy.

Acting cute! Taken today.

So sad lor, tomorrow he is leaving le but never mind, I can finally go taiwan tour on this Friday. Looking forward to go there lor. :)

Du very bored, he displayed some 'qiang hua' using 2 umbrellas. Btw, this umbrella is the one yx put on his nose.

Du is very happy to go back to TW cuz he missed his wife and his unborn baby. He tot that the days in SG passed so slowly. YX on the other hand find that this 14 days passed too fast. I think my mum is rather sad that they are leaving though she did not say it. Can tell from her face lor. It's been a long time since she last had a company like that. But she is also very happy to visit Taiwan, to see YX and his mum and to see Du and his wife.

We will be going to watch MHY show on 26 May lor.. Cuz YX performing on that day.. so can go see ... for free and we very heng cuz its the gong yan troupe. YX told me to go see cuz Sun Cui Feng looks good in person.

Oh well.. we will see about that.

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