Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This morning, YX sent me to work as usual. He has been sending my to work everyday since he came to sg. It was raining like hell in the morning but we reached my workplace early so we went to Wang Jiao to eat toasted bread.

I ordered the bread and we sat down to eat the half cooked eggs. He said that TW don't sell this kind of half boiled eggs.

Suddenly alot of ppl came in to buy their morning coffee and the cashier started a series of hot drinks names which set xiao hua lian off laughing out loud.

First we heard.. 咖啡厚, which we always say "kopi gao".

He asked me,"what is gao?"

I said,"You don't know gao? It's hokkien."

He replied,"huh? gao???" (question marks on his head)

I said,"gao is thick la."

YX:"oh... you mean gao (in a higher tone)"
Me:"Gao gao gao (in different tones).. they are all the same lor.. "

YX: -_-"

He started listening attentively to what the cashier was calling. Suddenly he heard 'kopi si kosong'.

YX: What is kosong?

Me: Means no sugar. Malay language.

Then he heard kopi kosong gao da bao. In this case: da = large, bao = take away.

He said,"What is gao da bao??? why must gao da then bao??"


He heard it as 搞大包.

Stupid lor. I said that means kopi no sugar thick take away la....


He started off luffing out loud and said 一定要把咖啡搞大吗?? Gao da kopi already then still must bao it. kopi got no tummy lor.

Mad or what.. aiyoh... got so funny mah.. must laugh until stomachache.

Please look at this picture:

He asked me,"一定要那么多语言一起讲吗? 不能统一语言讲吗?"

Hahaha.. so funny sia.. I told him that you must know all these terms to order drinks properly. How to use one language for all these terms??

He said,"咖啡黑无糖打包"

That does not sounds nice lor, I told him.

My gosh. Next time must bring him to kopitiam. Got more exciting drinks terms for him to laugh at.

PS: YX is starting to behave like May. He was telling me what to blog and how to blog just now. Aiyoh..

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