Sunday, May 20, 2007

Misc Stuff

I got lots of things to blog and I don't know what to name it so it will be Misc Stuff that happened in the past few days.

Right. I think May is interested cuz she has gone to TW for 4 days.. and she needs some updates.

Ok, I will blog according to the photos I have as too many things happened and I can't blog them one by one.

Du was acting as a wolf. This photo was taken on the 3rd day when they were here. Time flies. Left only 2 days and they will be going back to TW. Kinda sad lor. They have been a good company for my mum. My mum used to be so bored along at home in the afternoon but now she got these 2 big babies to company her.

Du said that every afternoon 12pm, he will be woken up by my mum's singing. She will sing ktv sometimes or she will just sing by herself. Du will then come down and sing KTV with her. There was once they came back after ban xian just to sing ktv.. then go back to temple for the night show.

Then he put on the weird hood which made him look more like a wolf.

YX as the tiger spirit. If you think this is ugly, look at this:

Super ugly!!! Hahaha... my god.. I faint...
Eeeeek.. With the costume now.. Look like mamasan. Silly YX, his skirt dropped when he was on stage. So he tugged his skirt and quickly tuck it back.. aiyoh... so 'diu lian'.

Every morning, YX sent me to work and when we reached my workplace early, we will have breakfast at Wang Jiao kaya toast. I think he is starting to get sick with eating all those half boiled eggs.

One of the afternoons, I think it was last Saturday, I went to see their rehearsal. They were rehearsing a particular show which is their 'zhao pai' show. XFX was very serious in making this show good and YX told me that this show is actually not bad. Can watch. Too bad that day I have got rehearsal so I can't go. So sad. XFX as I said before was very serious when rehearsing.

YX as the eel spirit. So super ugly. Everyday also make up until so ugly lor and he always want to do the bad guy or maybe he looks like a bad guy. Hahaha.. Gangster face. He told me that he has to eat fire that day so he tested it out.

Successfully 'eaten' the fire.

Know who is this? Super ugly right???? This is Du lor, wearing this super ugly mask. He is also eating 'fire'.. or maybe.. sucking fire?

Later, YX said that he want to use this mask cuz this mask has got a hole at the mouth area. He will need it for eating and spitting fire. So Du gave this mask to YX to try out.

Eating fire with the mask. Successfully but dangerous lor. He might burn the mask or wat. So in the end, he did not use the mask for fire eating.. but he burnt his hair in the process.. haha stupid or wat.
Ban xian.. Last Friday went to see them ban xian. Some of them were hum but some of them were rather serious. Overall their ba xian is better than SG one. SG one is very hum lor, just anyhow do. Or maybe becuz the SG troupe do not have any audience during Ban xian so they heck care. XFX's ban xian still got a certain number of audience so they got more 'power' to do it well.

I still have alot of photos to upload but I am very tired now. Already almost 1am. They haven't come back so I am going to sleep le. They will be going back to GCB on the last night cuz they have to leave together on the next morning to the airport. YX says, happy days flies.. yap..


A.C. said...

Well, TW opera's Ban Xian has its roots from Luantan opera, and Luantan opera's ban xian has got a very strict set of rules to follow, like for what occasions must perform what ban xian show, and what show must go with what show (cannot anyhow perform whatever show they want). So you see, TW opera's ban xian is a rather serious affair.

Miko said...

I see... din know tat ban xian got such strict rules. tot tat ban xian just hum hum anyhow also can since no one watching.