Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stupid Rehearsal

Two guys went to eat dinner with Koh Soh Hoon, so I now got time to blog. Hahaha... Wondering why Koh Soh Hoon is here right? She is here to sign contract with GCB.

So now, I got some free time to do whatever i want.

Today I did not go to GCB. I went to COI for rehearsal. Rehearse for the Real and Fake doctor. The stupid Chua kp that we did not memorise our script well enough. Well. who is to blame?? He bloody gave us the script so late and we simply do not have enough time to memorise. He only know how to talk rubbish and nonsense. What.. Comedies must be fast paced.. must speak faster.. must got feel..

Yah right..

How to have feel when I dun even remember his stupid lines. He edited the script again and again.. and everytime he edited the script, we have to memorise some new stuff. He think what? We are professionals who do nothing everyday and sit around at home to memorise his script? Please lor.. I will do that if he pays me.

Unfortuanately, a miser like him won't pay me.

Haiz.. Then Ang very stress cuz chua want us to rehearse without the script tonight. How to do?? can't be done lor. He say that the people who invited us to perform will lose confidence in us if he sees us rehearsing with script.

Stupid idiot right? He so damn bloody smart he memorise la.. Some more the scenes all only got like 3-4 actors. Each person got their fair share of lines.

Well, if the people who came to see us are disappointed with out performance, I can't be bothered. Seriously, if they does not want us to perform, it's totally fine. Don't give a damn. We are also very disappointed with COI, not to mention those 'customers'.

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