Monday, May 14, 2007


I dunno what title to give to this blog entry so I will simply put it as 13.05.07, which is yesterday's date.

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 9.30am.. very groggy.. I went to the other room and kicked YX to wake him up. He was also half dead but he has to wake up cuz they got rehearsal at 11am. After that I told YX to kicked Du to wake him up also but Du was really dead. He didn't have any good sleep at GCB and after like 6 days of torment in GCB, he finally got to sleep so soundly... in peace. So he requested to sleep more.

According to Du, the ppl sharing the room as him in GCB smoke every night and gamble until 4am. He said he will suffocate and die in the room if he continue to stay there. As a very kind person, I not only 'shou liu' YX, I 'shou liu' Du also, so now the 2 of them are staying at my home. Poor me, I have to shift out of my room and let them sleep together.. I think if both of them snore together, they can form an orchestra.

So yesterday, Du continued to sleep while YX started playing with my PS2.. Finally Du woke up at around 10am and I brought them to eat roti prata as promised. YX like roti prata lor, the other time he came, he ate roti prata everyday.

And surprisingly, Du say he want to drink Teh tarik. Not bad.. still know what is teh tarik.

They were slowly eating and I saw that the time was already 10:35. I told them: Oei... late le leh.. u all rehearsing at 11am right???

YX: It's ok one.. I think we reach there 11:30am also no problem.

So we slowly swanter to GCB.. reached there at 11:15am. XFX was already practicing while the rest of the troupe were still sleeping. I can see that XFX is a very hardworking person. I kind of like her atittude actually.

She apologised to YX and Du.. told them that she is very sorry that yx and du have to now wait for the troupe to wake up when it should be the other way round.. the rest of the troupe should get ready on the stage and wait for du and yx.

She told yx that next day, she will make sure everybody is here then she will call up du and yx.

So polite right?

So we fooled around and talk abit before the rehearsal. Somebody was playing a Nanyin CD.. surprisingly. So nice. So long never listen to Nanyin.

During the rehearsal, XFX was practicing very hard with yx and du, asking them for pointers on how to improve her shen duan and do better poses etc... Very serious and attentive.. Du said she is the most hardworking one. As I can see.. the rest of the troupe very nua.. they kind of slack lor. just anyhow do whatever du and yx taught them. Think du and yx were very xian to teach them.

The rehearsal lasted about 1 hour plus.. YX asked me where am I going to bring them. It was already 12pm and they gotta come back at 2pm to ban xian. so I told them go paya lebar. They themselves said they wanna go city plaza. So we went there.. walked abit and Du bought his calling card.

We went to KFC for drinks then Du said that he wanna bring his wife to come SG for tour and then they wanna go m'sia or indonesia resort. I told them they have to get visa in TW first. Then he asked me and yx to go with them.. I tot wah seh.. so nice.. then he say.. "So that you can be our translator..." -_-"

After that I brought them to take bus.. but at the wrong direction. I very confused mah.. Paya lebar is a one way street lor. I tot that the bus can bring us back to GCB but it was actually the wrong direction. oops..

So we got off and took the bus at the opposite side.

I wanna watch them ban xian cuz yx say he want to spit fire.. I want to see fire spitting.. but then I got COI.. sian right.. haiz.. so bo bian lor. I left for COI.

COI practice was as usual.. but I was interrupted by the TV when I was rehearsing my part. They were watching the repeat for the Charity show. That reminded me that I haven't blog about it! My god.. so many things to blog.

Ok.. Then we proceeded on with our usual practice.. and Ang got no mood to rehearse.. so we ended rather early. At around 6pm... I went to da bao dinner for me and my mum then we went to GCB together. We ate dinner there.. and hang around abit. My mum watched the show abit and left.

After typing so much. I will put up a pic la.

YX was doing this white tiger spirit, a baddie again.

Me: You always do baddie lor. cuz u got ah beng face.

YX: I dun have ah beng face.

Me: You have lor, you look like baddie. Stare at me fiercely leh...

YX stares..

Me: Chao ah beng lor... You look like gangster.

On the other hand, Du did a goodie tiger spirit. Maybe Du got goodie face. YX made me put the above picture as wallpaper in my hp but I refused. So ugly I told him. Look like ghost.

Yday Du and YX very siong. They fought alot together. First, a fist match then with weapons, spear and Da Dao.

Some more they are fighting with each other so they did it much faster and with more movements than when they fought with the other members.

After the whole thing, Du and YX were panting like mad and they drenched their costumes.

Well, an uncle wanted to bring us to eat durian after the show but so suay.. they were talking to XFX and XLN suddenly said.. "Why not u all go and rehearse the (whatever the name of the show) scene now. I dun think u all got time tomorrow. Just go over it now abit lor."

YX: This scene will take some time to rehearse.

XLN: Just roughly go over it la.

Du: (under his breath) so suay leh..

Bobian.. they rehearsed the dunno what scene for about 30 minutes.. and it was almost 12am when we left GCB. We still went to eat durian tho.

Du and YX love durians and finally I found someone who likes sweet durians like me! And that is Du! All the while ppl tell me.. Nobody like to eat sweet durians lor but I just like sweet durians mah.. cannot meh...

So the uncle bought alot of durians which we can't finished. We da bao the unfinished durians to bring home for my father.

My father bought supper for the 2 guys.. my god.. they are going to gain alot of weight lor.

We slept very late last night la.. after we talked abit, watched abit of opera, already 2am! God.. Deat beat.. 2 guys very good life.. still sleeping at home when I left for work.

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