Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rehearsal ~

Had a final rehearsal yesterday. It made SL soooo crowded! My god, I don't even have a place to sit.

Mei-Er took part in almost all the pieces. I doubt if she has got time to change her costumes. Well.. ok, I didn't took much pics.

He sang this piece called, Er Mao Xue. It is a piece from Li Ya Xian. I think he sang this piece very well and expressed the feelings of this song through some simple movements and expressions. I would like to be able to make more expressions too.

Sianz.. i got more photos but i cant upload. Blogspot is giving some problems.. I will post them up next time~


A.C. said...

The language used in "E Mao Xue" is Mandarin (or Hokkien accented Mandarin), am I right? I think I've heard of it before. I like it.

Miko said...

The front part sounds like mandarin, the last part sounds like Hokkien. This is the part when Zheng Yuan He went to meet li ya xian as a beggar and li ya xian ask him to sing a song for her.