Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Medical check up

Today, I went for medical check up at 2:30pm. I was supposed to go to Raffles Medical Grp clinic at Harbourfront. I looked around but I couldn'r find the clinic. I started walking very fast because I was going to be late. Up and down, up and down... Finally found it in a corner. It is a very small clinic.

The doctor took my bloog pressure and listened to my hearbeat. He said," Relax, don't be too nervous."

I said," I am not nervous."

Doctor,"Why then is your hearbeat so fast."

I said,"Cuz I can't find your clinic and I was running about."

Then he asked me to go out and wait. I spent all the waiting time reading 'Alice in the Wonderland'.

Finally, the nurse called me and took my height, weight, tested my eyesight, ask me to give her some urine sample.

Suddenly, an idea struck me. What if they test my urine and it produce a report that: This person is an opera fanatic. Spends all her time on opera and nothing else.

hee hee..

I thought that was all for the check up but no. She gave me a letter, ask me to go to Raffles Medical Hospital to take X-ray. I was like... Huh... Still must go to Bugis there to take Xray, so troublesome. Haiz.. but I might get it done once and for all.

So I went there to take Xray and after that, I went Bugis for shopping! yeah!!

After that, went to see HXY's ktv class. See how she teach and how the students are doing. The ktv students are not the GZX students. They are some other aunties who only want to learn singing.

Just saw on tv, 60% of marriaged couples divorce within 10 years.... Ooohh.. scary.


Kongming said...

I was wondering where ur statics is from. Cos e figure is VERY high. So i do my own research for your reading.
Anyway, even if u got married. U may b one of those in e 40%. But ur No. 1 condition for the guy must b "He like opera also..."'divorce%20statistics'

Miko said...

Isaw on TV lor.. anyway I also not interested cuz it doesnt concern me~ hahahaha....