Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lorso Taiwanese Drama

My mum is watching this Taiwanese drama now and I was surfing net at the side. This kind of taiwanese drama look all the same! Same actresses, same hairstyle and same plot. Can't they just think of some new character design?

And for the past 15 minutes, these 2 women are talking on TV, telling each other their life story. OMG... So Lorso. Now the show ended, right after the 2 woemn finished talking. I don't know why they must talk so much. I told my mum,"You don't think they are lorso meh?"

"Lorso la.. but nothing to watch mah."

Ya right, she like so engross watching it..

So happy the show finally ended then suddenly.. ta dah! Another taiwanese show... -_-"

duh.. must channel 8 broadcast all these taiwanese dramas?????

My mum watched this one before but she still watch it and the plot is almost the same as the earlier one... She admitted it herself..

Me: Is it about a man who abandon his wife/gf in order to marry a rich girl?
Mum: Yes, hahaha..
Me: I knew it.



frannxis said...

I watch the evening taiwan drama Young Justice Bao. Only free then watch, not the must-see type. Sometimes also very lorso but at least got new cases and can try to guess who the criminal.

His guard Zhan Zhao is a young monk who uses a stick, not a sword.

and there is a funny girl called little dragonfly

Kongming said...

i bought Justice Bao - Li Mao Huan Tai Zi by Jin Chao Qun to watch. 2morrow may buy "Chen Shi min".

Anonymous said...

hahah how come zhan zhao is a monk?! so funny.. taiwanese drama always add these funny characters

A.C. said...

But Shi Xiaolong looks better botak.. I saw him act once with wig, looked a bit girly! Hee...