Thursday, March 16, 2006


Finally I can upload photos again to the blog. The last entry was half done cuz I can't upload anymore photos.


This time, we got another host because we need the host to speak QuanZhou dialect.

Last week, we also tried out the hairstyles and costumes. After much discussion, we finally came up with a Tang style hairstyle.

This is the behind. Please do not ask me why there is a safety pin because I also don't know but I know that it will be removed.

Erm, I got take a front view of the hairstyle but I think I better not post it. Mei-E might not be happy about it.. hee hee cuz she did not put on make up... :P

This saturday, I will post up photos of the performance yo~


amai said...

LOL。。。that safety pin is really an eyesore desu...LOL

Miko said...

Hahaha.. paiseh la... Don't know who put it there also. so funny, serve no purpose.