Monday, March 20, 2006

Just Married!

100th post!

My new cousin, Terence, just had his wedding ceremony today. Well, I took part of it though I just found this cousin 2 months ago. Being my kpo self, I fought my way to take photos today.

Early this morning, 8am, I woke up to get dressed. My mum was already ready but I took my time to dress up as my father was still sleeping~

Then we setted off to the groom's aunty's house at 6th Ave. My ks auntie already reached there at 8:40! We arrived at 9:30am.

~ Arrggghhh!!!! The zap zap ad is on!!! hhhheeeeelllpppp!!~

The 2 in laws. The left one is my grandma. She has never seen the other in law before. They looked a bit shy wor.

Random photo....

This is my cousin. My mum says that we look alike in this photo, like sisters. Look alike meh?

This is their family photo.

Serving tea to my grandma. I think the most boring part of getting married is to serve tea. So many relatives line up to be served tea... See my sister standing at the side, she is waiting to be served tea. haha..

Serving tea to the groom's parents.

My mum's turn to drink tea~

My sister likes to look upwards when taking photo..

Walking on the red carpet....

Then after the 4th dish, they came in again with another dress.I dun understand what is the purpose of changing dress in the middle of the feast and make everyone stand up while they walk in.



The one standing on the left is my cousin. The rest are my uncles and aunties.

I took this photo so that my grandma can put it on her tabletop. She had an opera photo of me on her table too but that photo was taken so long ago. I ask to change it but she dont want. I think the groom is a bit drunk in the photo.....


Kongming said...

i object... ur cousin where got look like u?

btw, how come ur sis is waiting to be served? tot ur sis had to serve tea?

Miko said...

but my sister naively thought she will be served tea...

Kongming said...

i know y i dont go my cousins' wedding liao... They said i had to kneel down to serve them tea... dont wanna pai seh me. so dont tell me to go... Lame...