Friday, March 24, 2006


Ok, I finally found a job. This time, I took my own sweet time to get a job as I do not want to get just any job. At the same time, I can take a good long break. My break will be over in one week. I will be starting work on April.

The location is at Harbourfront. At first I thought that it is very far but then the NorthEast line took about 30 minutes to reach there. However, including all the walking and waiting, I think the trip will take me about 45-50 minutes. Haiz, hate travelling.

Forget it, it is a 5 days job! What more can I ask?

The company is Bureau Veritas. I still don't know what they are dealing with actually. I read in their website that they check shippings and got some consultation service etc. Hmm.. don't know. The headquarter is in France. What a coincident... :P

Hopefully all will go well for this job~


Kongming said...

Congrates! Hope u learn lots of shipping things such as LC, Bill of Lading, etc...

frannxis said...

Best Wishes to you in your new job!

Miko said...

Hee hee.. Thanks everyone!!