Friday, March 24, 2006

Fetched Teach

Went to airport to fetch teacher. Her flight arrived at 11pm. That richard said 10:30pm, bluff me. Anyway, teacher arrived at 11++pm. We were all trying to spot her.

Today there were WanZhi, Wanxin, Qiuyue, Tian, Mingde, Richard and me. Richard stood far away while the rest of us were trying to spot teacher. I was telling Wanxin that I hope she did not perm hair.

Then we saw her.

In peach colour jacket and pants.


Permed hair.

Well, too bad. I thought that her previous hairstyle was very nice. She looked stylo. This time, it was ok only.

We were all quite surprised at her dressing... First time see her wear boots. She said that Taipei is very cold now. I can imagine.


In Taipei it was cold, so I wore boots but it was getting warm in the airplane so I decide to take off the boots.

The plane was very cramp, (I can imagine cuz it is Jetstar) I could not take off the boots. Finally I kicked it off and the sole came off. I frantically asked the stewardess for plaster or rubber bands.. but she say she don't have.

(Jetstar don't even have plaster or rubber bands in their planes!)

In the end, a little girl gave me a rubber band......

Richard sent me back first before sending HXY back. She is staying at Chau Chu Kang. Ooops.. sorry, not CHAO Chu Kang, is CHua Chu Kang.. :P

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