Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jobless but still busy

Due to popular request, I will blog about what I did these few days.. I am jobless as most of you might know, (any job to intro me?) but I am still so busy. I wonder why.

Today, I went to SL again. Actually, they wanted me to go at 11am but I slept till 9:30pm and recieved a sms from Susan.

Susan: What time you go SL?
Me: 11am lor, but I will be late. I sleeping.
Susan: If I pick you up at 10am, you can?
Me: Ok lor, should be can.
Susan: Ok, I pick you.

So I got ready in a jiffy. I remembered my mum told me something before I went out but I forgotz what it is..

Finally I reached SL at 10:40am. So early, I so sleepy sia.

Today rehearsal quite sian cuz they are discussing where we should stand and where we should walk to while I just stand at the side listening. I can tell that Mei - Er is rather buey song that they are discussing so long. To me, it's ok lah, I just take a break at the side lor.

Then me and the SL ppl went to have lunch together. Susan is a vegetarian so we have to go to a kopitiam with vegetarian food. I so tired and sleepy.. i insist to go home after lunch thought the SL ppl asked me to stay, Mei-Er even say that I can sleep in her room but no lah, I want to take a shower and sleep at home.

In the end, Susan sent me home (susan is so nice) but I did not sleep. I sent out alot of resumes. Sianz, I decide not to take the mediacorp job as I prefer to take a regular full time job. It is still better to find a job with normal working hours.

Today the stupid Yahoo took so damn long to attach my resume and in the end still give me an error page. I was really fedup with try to attach and re-attach the resume. It is a very slow and long process. -_-" pissed.

Anyway, I got a call from a company at Robinson Road. The girl ask me to come down for interview tomorrow. Well, Good news, at least got some response.

Just now, I went out again to meet some ex colleagues at Clarke quay. They went there to see the doll shop. Then we went to a pub .. "Indochine". I think it is kinda sad that they transformed such a beautiful old chinese house into a pub. The house used to be nice and peaceful. Now it's noisy and crowded. The deco inside is quite nice with lots of 'bing ma yong' statues. I want one in my home!!!!

I didn't drink anything there though. I don't drink alcohol and the non-alcohol drinks are too ex..

Well ya.. Didn't take any photos!!! Tm, I will be going SL in the afternoon.. I will take some photos!

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