Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Father's Opinion

Last Saturday I was watching SJ's MV in my room when my mother came in and asked me to have lunch. So I asked her if I can have lunch in my room because I am in the midst of watching the MV with a very high mood.

Apparently, she said no.

My parents are always very bothered by me eating my room. They said that the food will leave a smell in my room. But I am not having food with a strong smell like durian or what. It's just normal fried bee hoon. Moreoever my room's windows are always opened and I don't use the air-con so the smell don't really stay. All these reasons are not valid in their point of view. I have to get out and eat in the living room. Then isn't it going to smell in the living room too??

Anyway I told my mum if that's the case then I am bringing the MV out to the living to continue watching while eating. She had no choice, I just plugged my USB into the TV and continued watching in the living room while eating bee hoon.

My father was there too and he also watched the MV because well.. he didn't have a choice. There is only 1 TV.

I told him that this is the major Kpop group right now and they are like right at the top. LOL, except maybe TVXQ who has the biggest fan club in Korea, having like more than 100k fans registering their fanclub in 2 days.

Anyways...  I was watching TV and my father suddenly said,"I can't tell if they are guys or girls. Boy group or girl group?."

I was like... -_-" Duh!!!

Got so exaggerating mah????

He said that except for Kyuhyun and Siwon, the rest all looks like girls.


Then my mum also joined in the fun. She commented,"Aiyo, why the skin so fair? If they dress up as girls sure very pretty one!"

The MV I was watching didn't have Heechul in it. I think she will completely believe that Heechul is a girl.

Recently I read somewhere that Leeteuk trained to gain more muscles so as to get rid of his wimpy image. And the video of the recent M Countdown revealed the results of his training:

He is really sexy, free and single now wiht this fabulous abs!!

Eunhyuk also previously showed off his buffed up body but I think he gave about during the 5th album and became the same old Eunhyuk again.

But I think he gave up so he is now the same old salted fish again....  LOL... I don't have proof for this though, I guess it. Because previously when he had these muscles he kept showing them during performances but the recent performances are conservative. He didn't reveal anything. Hee hee...

Anyway my point is they are not as girly and wimpy as my father thinks!!

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