Tuesday, July 24, 2012


When I do my make up for Chinese Opera, eyeliner is a must. No eyeliner = fail make up. Eyeliner is very important to me.

So is for the Korean male stars too!!

They call it the guyliner. It's so smoking hot and sexy! LOL...

I am so sorry for being so unconventional or as my friends like to put it, weird. I know that my friends who always come here loyally to read my rants are very traditional. They like traditional things and things that are within the rules and norm. So I am very sorry to be always writing weird stuff like this and make you all turn off. LOL....

But I really like guyliner. So I have to blog it. No choice. I even made Govin put guyliner on himself during performance 2 days ago. hee hee.. I will post his pics below too.

Yay!!! Let's look at Suju's guyliner first ok ok??

Firstly, it's Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk doesn't have the prettiest eyes in suju but still.. he looks pretty cool here!! :)

Next up Leeteuk

Admit it! Leeteuk's so cute with the guyliner!! Just nice, not too much, enough to be seen!

I think Leeteuk looks very nice with guyliner especially in the gif above which I find very irritating, I would rather have a picture than a gif but I can't find a picture.

Next, Donghae

Cute or not? The guyliner and that little smirk... heh...

Then we have Cinderella.

 Cinderella has got such beautiful eyes which I am so jealous of!! 

Heechul's eyes are already very big...... with the guyliner, becomes bigger.

I want Kim Heechul's eyes!! Tao yan...

Ok... Sungmin...

Sungmin's guyliner sometimes looks very nice, like above. Very sexy. But sometimes not so nice. Maybe the make-up artiste cannot make it. LOL...

Sungmin's eyeliner and notice the captions in the gif above says 'sexy sexy sexy'.. hahaha...

Yesung is the one that wears guyliners most often. I think everytime he appear on screen he will use guyliner.

Cuz maybe he got smaller eyes like me, thats why need eyeliner!

Kyuhyun like seldom use guyliner..

Siwon, the most handsome man in Suju. He looks so good with a little guyliner too. Then again he looks good in almost anything!

Next up are all the non-suju korean stars which I found online while looking for suju's photos. So I saved them to show their guyliners.

Ok, so you get the picture, guyliner = the must have nowadays for Kpop male stars. But not anyone can pull off the guyliner. Some just look very weird. Maybe the shape of the eyes got something to with it. I only post those that looks good in it here.

I know I know, you are going to say Miko is so weird, she likes men with eyeliners and men who dress like gay. Actually I am not that weird la. If you google hot guyliner, you will find many girls who like guyliners. I mean if you go on stage for performance, isn't it better to have the eyeliner so your eyes look brighter and sharper?
That is what I told Govin. I keep harping that Korean stars are doing it and they look so cool on stage. So I said he should do it too. Since he also look like Korean, he can pull off the eyeliner well. I told him he will look very good la.

LOL.. in the end Govin said, "ok ok anything for the stage."

When he said ok, I suddenly don't know how cuz I dunno how to draw guyliner. So I got Teacher Ruwang to do it for him. She was agreeable that the guys should use eyeliners too! Wow. Ruwang is also very qian wei sia. hahahaha

 Govin in the process of transforming into kpop star. LOL..

Done! I took this photo while he is still waiting for the eyeliner to dry. I didn't take any pictures after he opened his eyes. I think he will humtum me. LOL. But I think he took quite a lot of pics. If he post on FB I will post here la.. lol...

So do you like eyeliners on guys??

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