Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Learn Korean

Yay~~ I have registered for Korean classes starting from 2 Aug. So happy and excited!! I am so looking forward to learn the language. I think I will be able to learn Korean better than French. First of all, I will get more chances to hear korean with all the videos on internet.

In fact, I have picked up some korean words already from watching so many interviews and variety shows. Like 'What?!', 'Really?', 'Thank you', 'Fool', 'brother' etc...

I won't get lots of chances to speak though. I only have a cousin learning it already and a friend staying in Seoul. Previously, I spoke alot of French with my ex so my french speaking was not too bad in the past. Now very rusty. lol.

I am also starting my dance class on 4 Aug. It's the first time I am learning how to dance. I hope I am not those kind that can never learn dancing. I think I am not ba, since my hand-leg coordination is not too bad. Heh.. So looking forward. I haven't register for it. Must find a time next week to go to the dance school.

Anyone want to join me?

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