Wednesday, July 04, 2012

死 May

Yesterday 死May wrote to me, "I don't see anything great about Super Junior."

She is looking for trouble with me.

She didn't know how to write the word 死.

Then she continued,"You are weird... They are too pretty face..."

And now she got a problem with pretty faces.

What's so weird with loving Kpop and a group with pretty faces??? IMO, I think it's very blessed to be borned with pretty faces like the Super Junior's members. :P

Come on la.... She likes xiao shengs who have masculine faces, aka females with masculine faces.

So what's the issue with men with feminine faces? Isn't it the same? Females with masculine faces are the same as males with pretty faces.


Too bad for her, she is missing out a whole lot of awesome-ness!!! :D

PRETTY face Donghae!


M2M song again Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you~~~~

I am now busy ripping videos, MV, of Suju and Shinee so that I can watch them when I go to Penang. :)

Please don't say I am weird and crazy cuz I am not!!!

With so much pressure I am handling now, it's good that there is something I can rely on to make my day a good one. It's better than May Teng whose idol, Ah Cheng, has nothing to entertain her at all!!! Oops, sorry, I mean Ah Cheng don't have new things to entertain her. She can only listen to old songs or watch the dramas.

There is nothing great about Suju??

Everything about Suju is great.

I am going to pick up Korean in August.

May then wrote to me again, "Are you crazy? Are you trying to be multi-lingual? You already learnt French."

I want to know what Super Junior are talking about in their interviews!!! :( :( :(

She is now waiting for my kpop craze to be over so I can concentrate on my opera again.

Oh, and my mum after watching 'MR Simple' MV so many times (Because I put it on loop on my TV though I am not watching it), she can now do the chorus dance part!! Though she didn't do it very well, she caught the essence of the dance, the hand shaking part.

My brother say... Super Junior hand cramp ah....


Please play above video, this is the Mr Simple chorus part which my mum always try to dance when I put this song on loop... I should video my mum and post it here.. She will be very pissed!!!!!

Hee hee....

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