Monday, July 23, 2012

Shinee VS Suju

The first song I heard from Korean pop was Sorry Sorry. The second one was Ring Ding Dong. LOL... The words are really weird like 'ring ding dong, ring ding dong, ring ding a ding ding ding'. Very weird lyrics.

Sorry Sorry was sung by Suju, Ring Ding Dong was sung by Shinee.

At first I like Shinee's songs more. My playlist was dominated by Shinee's songs.

I love both Suju and Shinee...

Ok I admit I love Suju more now. :P Now my playlist is dominated by Suju.

Shinee released a new song, Sherlock, in March. Suju released Sexy Free Single this month, like 2 weeks ago.

Shinee's hairstyle and costumes in Sherlock left me speechless. It is really not that nice. (I don't want to use the word 'fail' because I will get bashed by fans)

I mean seriously what was the designer thinking giving Key that bermuda with stars?? STARS?

And what's wrong with Taemin's hair, he looks like a girl. There is something wrong with his clothes too.

The dance and choreography wasn't so bad. I like the beginning part but i don't really like the chorus dance. I prefer their Replay dance and looks. They should seriously fire whoever styled their looks here.

Please watch VCR:

The song of the month for July is Suju's Sexy Free Single.

Compared with Shinee's Sherlock, at least their styles are really cool in the MV. Though there are some weird warrior style getups, most of the other styles are really nice. I like Sungmin's blond hair!

The song itself is very addictive. It just kept looping in my head after I first heard it even though I still can't understand Korean. I only heard Sexy Free and Single I'm ready too bingo.

The dance this time is also very catchy. It will stick in your head with their 招牌动作 aka their signature moves in the dance. If you realise, there are always signature moves in most of their MVs. Like in Sorry Sorry, there is the palm rubbing move. In Mr Simple, there is the hand cramp flicking (according to my bro).

In this MV, my bro said their signature move is the vegetable chopping part.

I am sorry but Suju's Sexy Free Single has won over Shinee's Sherlock! :P

Sexy Free and Single I'm ready too bingo!

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