Monday, July 09, 2012

Penang Trip

Lots of things happened in Penang, some are not so suitable to be blogged but others are fine. LOL...

Although it was a short 3-day trip, it was very happening. Lots of things can happen in 3 days and make the trip seems like forever.

This time, I shared room with May. Usually I share room with my mum if my mum goes but I think this is the first time that I am sharing room with May. That is a good thing too because May brought her iPad.

So every night I will tell May to lend me her iPad cuz I wanna read news. So she lent me. And I happily read my news.

Xin En popped over and saw me reading news and that my news are not really NEWS. I told her I am very busy because I subscribed to Suju's newsletter and because they got 13 members, I have got tons of email alerts in my mailbox everyday. Therefore I have to read the news everyday to clear my mailbox.

May said that she thought I was so concerned with world affairs that I have to read news everday.

Well, this is also considered world affairs. Hahahaha.. There are lots of news about super junior's preformances in the world.

So it's also worldwide news. And it is my 精神粮食 in this arduous trip.

May Teng's iPad became my ipad I think. Cuz I used it the most in Penang. LOL... Pardon me... I am a very busy person.


KP Blog said...

thanks mk, "that is a good thing that u r sharing room with me becos I can lent you the IPAD!!!!"
my god... I felt so "used" by you lor, mk...

Miko said...

I am also very used by you to be your towel carrier...