Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Job

It's been a week since I started working. So far it's still ok and I hope it stays that way. On my first day of work, Mapletree called me to offer me a position too. I was shocked as I didn't expect them to offer me the position. I wanted it very much at first because there is a Mapletree near my place and it is a very big company. Aspial is a big company too but it deals with jewellery and jewellery is really a small industry.

It was a hard choice to make whether to join Mapletree or not as they really offer me good benefits and higher pay. However, their location is quite far, at PSA building Alexandra. They provide shuttle bus but still.. it's far. I wanted very much to work in Mapletree too.

I asked many people regarding this and some people told me to stay, some people told me to change. Eventually I decided to pay.

Reason for that is because though Mapletree is offering me higher pay but they are assigning me to the PSA office which is quite far. Secondly, I will be dealing with leasing in Mapletree which is a rather wordy job. On the other hand, in Aspial, I deal with jewelleries, at least it's a little more interesting.

Unfortunately, Aspial is very stingy. I got a feeling that they exploit their workers. I can't say for sure yet but I got this bad omen. Anyway, if they really too much, I will change jobs. Since I have been jobless for 7 months, I think another 1 or 2 months doesn't really make a diff.

Just try my best to fit in now. Though I may not be staying in this job for long, at least I try to do well while I am doing it.


Anonymous said...

wow- I wish i can afford 7 mths of rest but too bad - i need income =(

I thought you were previously in a company that pays super-gd bonus? why quit from there ah?


Anonymous said...

You can ignore my Q liao... haha - cos i just read your earlier posts abt bonus and retrenchment - u so lucky - and your ex company so honest! what's the name of the company ah? xj

Miko said...

the company is Bureau Veritas.

Wa XJ you so long never read my blog ah.. no good leh u... :P

Anonymous said...

pai say - i usually read your the other opera blog...hahah, will add this to my daily visits from now,...heee ...xj