Sunday, January 10, 2010

Countdown 2010

Countdown 2010 was at my home with my gang of coi members. The usual ppl. The cute and nonsensical people. We had this 五香 competiton because both May Teng and my mum, Mdm Ng, both claimed that their 五香 is the best in Singapore and JB. How can there be 2 best 五香 at the same time right? As we all know, 一山不能藏二虎, so May 下战书 to challenge Mdm Ng.

The competition was held at my home on 31 Dec 2009. A memorial day for all of us.

This is a serious thing, no laughing matter ok.

That day, Ang was the earliest to reach my place with Bao hua. Mdm Ang is my teacher by the way. We always call her dearest Ang.

Both Mdm Ng and May Teng made the legendary 五香 and named it 五香1 and 五香2 to maintain the anonymity.

My mum was very confident and that leaves May really worried. However, her family assured her that her 五香 is fine.

In the end, the results are...

Mdm Ng is the winner!!! Dearest Ang giving out the prize.

May Teng got second!

Bala very happy with the results of the competition.

This looks like Ang is consoling May about losing the competition.

May Teng said that she will make a comeback and challenge my mum again 6 months later.

Here is also a video of our countdown at home. Funny lor, we were watching the TW countdown program instead of the Singapore one. LOL. Everyone super high that day. Especially when there is wine involved.

When it comes to drinking wine, there is always a lot of commotion going on. People will start accusing others that they are not drinking enough. Or it's not fair that they drink so much etc. I kana many times by dearest Ang lor. She kept saying that I useless, drink so little and so slow.. And still pretending like no one noticed that I didn't drink.

Look at this little commotion we had:


Anonymous said...


You guys have such high tolerance level of spicy food. My mouth would blow fire if I eat spicy food. I can stand a bit of wasabi and only certain type of curry, but not kimchi or other types of spicy.

Anonymous said...

dear mk,
thanks for blogging my super duper fat photos lor... my god..