Monday, January 11, 2010

First steamboat of 2010

A good day, 1 Jan 2010 I went to James house for steamboat. We each person bring something without bones over. Theory is bones are messy and James though it will be easier to clean up if we all eat something without bones.

Have you tried eating steamboat on the floor before?

The pot full of bubbling food. Everytime we organise a steamboat, we always prepare too much food. I dunno how come we can never estimate the exact portions. As per normal, we got lots of left overs that day too.

James's cute little baby girl is now 5.5 months old. Look at her! She is so cute with her round face and round eyes!

She likes it when someone raise her high up in the air.

I still can't imagine he is a father. LOL. We were playing monopoly cards while James carry his baby.

She likes biting things.

And then her saliva will be all over her arms and her toys.

This is the baby's mum, Connie.

Like all other babies, this one cries a lot too. When they are not sleeping or eating, they are usually crying. Just like Ah May's Ah gu. She also cry alot.

How come ah gu is not so chubby leh... Shall find chance to take photos of her when she 5 months old to compare.

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