Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have not been working since July 2009. Can you believe it? You can call me slacker it's ok but I enjoyed my shortlived holidays. I went overseas, shopping, had fun and sleep late. LOL. All that is going to be over soon because I am looking for a job already so I think I might start working by Feb.

Everyone was shocked that I have not worked for more than 6 months. I myself also surprised lor. Time really flies when you are enjoying life! Now I must find job le if not my parents going to nag at me.

Last week after I woke up at 12pm (jealous?) and I received a call. It was the HR personnel from my ex-co, the one that I got retrenched in Dec 2008.

She told me to go down to the office to collect my 2008 bonus. I was surprised. I asked her how come so late then give 2008 bonus. She told me that they had just calculated the bonus distribution so I can collect it now.

Wow... I was super happy! Tho the bonus came late but it came at the right time! Hahaha, Miss Tan and YH all said that my ex-co is super honest lor because companies, gov dept, will totally forfeit your bonus if you resigned. That's what happened to Miss Tan's colleague who was teaching.

Yah, I dunno why my company so honest but it's great!

I went to collect my cheque last week and guess how much that is?

It's 5K+!!!!

For nothing, for slacking at home and going holidays, I received 5K+ bonus even though I did not work for 6 months.

The total bonus for 2008 was 6.8 months and I took 2 or 3 months when I left the company so now they pay me the balance. MD was like totally jealous and shocked. He said that I got about 10K bonus for 2008 while he got 13 month only. YH also. She kp that how come she dun have 5K drop from the sky. She said the bonus I took was like money drop from sky.

My father said skali the cheque bounce. Aiyo.. all these ppl. Heng my cheque already went through! hahaha.

So yah, now YH ask me treat her. I told her she is crazy to ask me this jobless person to treat her lor.

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