Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My CNY Plans

I am having a super super packed CNY celebration. I have so many things going on and it's exciting!!

Moreover, I am forced to take unpaid leave for wednesday to Friday which means that I am having one whole week of holidays for the CNY week. Though it's unpaid, think on the bright side, I get to play and enjoy life abit. Hee hee..

The first day, it will be the usual visitings and later on the usual dinner but this time, it's at another relative's house. Weird, it's the first time that we are having the chu yi dinner at her house. Anyway I am looking forward to it also.

Then on the second day, I got this little COI gathering at friend's house and evening got to go cousin's house.

Wednesday I got to go for Chingay rehearsal~ YAY, it's gonna be fun! I will be part of the chinese culture flower car. And we will tour around Singapore too!

Thursday to Sunday it;s all occupied by Chingay. The troupe will also head to Woodlands, Yishun, Tampines... etc.. So if you happened to stay nearby, come down and see lah~

On 27 Feb, I bought tickets to see opera at Esplanade! Shiok man! It's the show I have been looking forward to watch! I bought tickets in December already so I can't miss it. On 27 there is chingay too but I can't give up the show for chingay so someone else will replace me that day. oops..


Happy Chinese New year!


Anonymous said...


Do you have lots of relatives?
coz if you do....wow, then you can receives lots of red pockets!!

One of the fact I like about CNY! lol

sHeDiCo said...

we gg whose house? not your house meh

Anonymous said...

wowow chingay must be Fun - remember to share photos!xj

Miko said...

we going to san gu house leh.. thats what i heard.